Viscount Dominator Seats repressed.

January 3, 2011

I ran across these looking for vintage parts to rebuild a cruiser.  Porkchop bmx has a ton of cool old school bmx parts, but this really grabbed my attention.  I remember saving up my allowance for these way back in the 80’s, and have been wishing I still had it for my polo rig today since they were indestructible and felt great.  The price is super prohibitive for an original, and polo isn’t a game for “collectors” so I moved on.  BUT!  Porkchop has secured repressing of these saddles with a great price of $19.99.  They come in black or white with gold foil imprinting just like the originals.

One thing I thought was totally cool too, is how they redid these like a record label would do a 12″ vinyl repress so as not to kill the after market.  There is a date stamp on the bottom reading 2010 for those who buy, sell, and trade in vintage goods. Very cool.  So tear these up, keep the vintage market alive.  Everyone wins, love it.

Here are the full specs from Porkchop, Buy it HERE.

Viscount Dominator BMX seat

Buy a REAL Dominator for less than a fake one. These are made from the original molds by Viscount with all the historically correct details. No worries about anyone passing these off as original seats manufacturered in the 1980’s because I have had Viscount mold the date code into the underside of each seat.

  • Viscount Model # 2166
  • Color: BLACK or WHITE
  • Length: 271mm (about 10 5/8″)
  • Width: 149mm (about 5 7/8″)
  • Rails are CHROME
  • Seat guts are gold tone (I believe this called yellow zinc)
  • Yellow Viscount sticker on back
  • Gold leaf lettering for “Dominator” on the nose.
  • Date code molded under the “2166” – these were manufactured from the original molds Spring 2010.



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