Profile: Quinn Alexandria Kerry-Rockov

July 30, 2011

Baby Birds from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Quinn Alexandria Kerry-Rockov is a 19 Year Old Slayer hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I first had the pleasure to meet her at Ladies Army III in Austin Texas as she was the only Player on the court warming up as early as 7:30 in the am while we were setting up (and everyone else was asleep).  She’s is quite simply a bad ass.  I’m pleased to present Quinn as our first Player Profile.

So when and where did you first discover bike polo? did you just stumble onto it or did a friend get you into it?

One of my friends that I knew from biking invited me to play one Sunday. He didn’t really tell me what it was,
just that I needed my bike and that I should switch my brake lever over to my non-dominate hand. So I went and watched a couple of games, and thought it was amazing. I also thought that they had come up with the game themselves and didn’t realize it was played all around the country and world.

What kind of bike did you show up with?

The bike I played polo on for my first time was the one I play on now. Except it was set up as a fixed gear bike with road drops and one front brake. I played on it like that for at least half a year before I switched it over to full polo mode like it is now.

When did you know you were totally hooked?

Once I started playing on a bike that was actually set up for polo. But when it really hit me was in Lexington,Kentucky at the Midwest Open last November. I only played pick up on Friday because the very next morning I flipped over my bars and tore a ligament in my knee. Even though I missed most of the tournament sitting in the hospital and when I did get back it was torcher sitting there watching everyone else play, I had the best time of my life playing pick up the night before on the best courts I have ever played on.

What’s your current bike set now, after being hooked for a while? 

Well I’m not riding my Joust yet because I do not have it yet. But I will explain its set up anyways…my current bike wouldn’t be very exciting to explain, haha.

So first of all, I attended the Ladies Army 3 all girls tournaments in Austin, Texas this last spring and went home with a Fleetvelo The Joust polo bike after winning the Up and Coming Badass Award. It was my first official 3v3 tournament, and I was playing with Jinxy and Krista from Los Angelos who I had never met before in person. I only knew a few of the girls and people from Midwest Open and the 2v2 Spring Break tournament Lexington held that spring so it was very exciting to travel so far and meet so many knew polo players. So I ordered a Baby Blue with Red decals 56cm Joust with 120mm rear spacing. For parts I will have Velocity Chukkers 26″ with 48 spokes, Cane Creek 100 headset, flat bars, threadless stem, Dual Paul Brake lever, Panaracer RiBmo tires, Brooks Saddle, Bmx platforms plastic pedals, FSA V-Drive single speed crank with a 32 tooth chainring, bashgaurd and outboard bearing bottom bracket, White Industries 19tooth freewheel, Rear and Front Avid Single Digit V-Brakes, no-name seatpost I have layin around, Oury Grips, fixcraft top tube pad, I think that is it for the important stuff.  A couple of the guys have The Joust in Ann Arbor and I’m always stealing theres during practice. I’m excited to see how much my game will improve and how much more stuff I can do once I’m on a solid polo bike.

Are you the kind of player that tweaks their own bike endlessly, or do you take it to shop and only worry about the game?

The bike I ride now it seems like I am always fxing it. I usually do everything myself but when it comes to truing my wheels I get one of the guys at polo who work at bike shops to fix it.

Exactly how many tournaments have you competed in, and which teams were you a part of?

So far I have competed in six tournaments. Spring Break 2v2 tournament in Lexington, I played with James Gonyer(Lex) in the random team draw. Ladies Army 3 in Austin Texas, I played with Jinxy(LA) and Krista(LA) on the Baby Birds team. Midwest Championship in Bloominton, Indiana I played with Tiffany(Lex) and Megan(Chi). Northsides in Toronto, Ontario I played with Megan(Chi) and Julia (Ottawa). Columbus Bike Polo Invitational I played with Greg Brunner(Pitt) and Alex (GR).

How do hook up teams?

I use the league of bike polo website to get in touch with everyone and find out about tournaments and whatnot. Also i’ll ask people at tournaments I go to if they wanna team up for a future tourney. And I’ll also use facebook or email.

Are you one of those players that wraps their bikes in 30 boxes of saran wrap and hopes for the best at the airlines? or how do you travel with your bike?

Usually I’m traveling by car so I just throw my bike on the bike rack or in the back of the car. But when I do travel by plane or bus where they want my bike packed up, I take it mostly apart and shove it in a box or bag with saran wrap.

Wheel covers or no?

Currently I have two wheels covers one on each wheel but only on the drive side. Once I get my Joust since I will have 48 spokes I will only have a wheel cover on the drive side of the front wheel since that seems to be the once that gets beat on the most.

There are some pretty exhausting conversations on the league of polo right now about women in polo.  Do you prefer girls only events like ladies army, or more co-ed environments?

I really love the girls only tournaments like Ladies Army, since there are way more guys then girls these type of tournaments give us a chance to get together and play with ladies from around the world that we never really get to see most of the time. But I do hope bike polo stays coed. I hate how other sports are separated by gender, when I played soccer I had so much more fun playing on a coed indoor league then my all girls team. Bike polo should stay coed forever, but still have a ladies army tournament every once in a while.

So I noticed that even though you practiced a lot at ladies army, on the court you don’t get mad at other players or fall into that frustrated poor sport category. If anything you get mad at yourself. How do you deal with other players on or against your team that loose it and fall into the poor sport or “playing less than safe” category?

When I’m playing pick up in Ann Arbor there are times when I do get angry at other players along side myself, but I’m trying not to do that so much. And when other players fall into that, I’ll usually just ignore them but if they do something stupid I’ll yell at them about it.

How about incessant shit talkers on the opposing team. Does that phase you at all, or are you able to tune the out?

Nothing has really bothered me, and most of what I hear is just heckling which everyone does and its just funny and apart of polo that I love. Like whenever Louisville is at a tourney, they are serioulsy heckling champions of the world. hahaha.

What is your dream, your end game goal for yourself in the sport of bike polo?

I just want to keep playing polo forever. I would like to someday qualify for the bigger tournaments like North Americans or Worlds but more then that I just want to go to as many tournaments as I can. I really enjoy just going to tourneys and playing pick up and having them be more of a smaller tournement where everyone is just having fun and hanging out. One of the things I would someday like to do is go visit Tokyo, Japan and play polo with them.

Ah, yes Japan!  You have your priorities straight.  Thanks so Much Quinn!

Bedazzlers Vs Baby Birds – Ladies Army III from Blue Collar Distro on Vimeo.


Full color live action shots by Natalia Amari




  • Brett July 30, 2011 at 4:47 am

    Damn, in that first video, around 40 seconds (the laser). NICE.

  • sprinks July 31, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    diggin the player profiles/bike checks

  • max August 1, 2011 at 5:39 am

    such a great profile and person. looking forward to playing with her sometime!

  • mikemc502 August 18, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    you’re damn right louisville knows how to heckle quinny. we shall see you soon and make you rue the day you received your fleet velo the joust. 😉

  • jimmy August 19, 2011 at 3:19 am

    Considering we can’t keep our shit together long enough to play a coherent game plus Michael’s about to lose a leg… we have to do something right. Keep up the good shit Quinn! We love you long time

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