Tokyo Update: Why do we need colors?

July 9, 2011

UPDATE 7/12/11: You can find the site that Rike got his balls from here: As someone who works in promotional items and overseas goods, these look like plain old oem balls.  Which leads me to believe there might be a perfect bike polo ball out there outside of franklin or that canadian company that can’t sell south of the border.  We’ll look into it.

The Following is a great post Riki sent in from Japan.  You can read Tokyo’s blog by heading over HERE.

The balls finally arrived!

Since the earthquake, we were unable to use our usual practice space. Due to the nuclear power plant accident, many of lights at public parks have been turned off to conserve energy.

Unfortunately, the park we practice at is no exception. There is not enough light and asphalt ground doesn’t help either. Orange balls and red balls are difficult to see under the dim light, especially with the shadows of the players hovering over the ball. Easier to see yellow balls and glow in the dark balls are made for colder weather and cannot withstand the Tokyo temperature this time of the year.

We decided to order these balls because we could hardly have a satisfactory practice under these circumstances. (even though they were a little more expensive than importing Franklin balls).

Its size, weight, and material are pretty similar to that of Franklin’s Super High Density balls, with the added bonus of multiple color variations. (When we tried it, it felt a little harder than Franklin balls.)

I have done a load of research prior to purchase, but ordering anything from overseas without seeing the actual product is a gamble. I knew it all well, but I had to take a chance to combat the visibility issues we faced. Bright colored balls with good nighttime visibility was something we couldn’t pass up. (deep colored balls are included in this set of 6 assorted colored balls, but they are sold only as sets.)

So, we’ve tried the balls in a park at night. The white and yellow balls are definitely easier to see than the red and orange ones. I think it was a good purchase for us, Tokyo players.

For the rest of Japan with better lighted environments, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them since Mylec orange balls and Franklin SHD balls are cheaper. I think it is definitely a good option for people practicing under a challenging environment though.

translated by Maki Hojo.



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    Could you tell me about the size and weight of the ball ?

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