February 5, 2012

Hey Mr. Polo!
I’m assuming you’ve been to many different places to play polo, what’s the best place you’ve played other than your home court?
-ready to travel already

Dear Ready to travel already,
I am thinking back on surfaces that I was really thrilled playing on. One is the finals court at the first WORLDS in Philidelphia. It was a painted surface. It didn’t skid through tires at all.  I haven’t traveled as much as I would have liked since polo has spread the world in the last 4 years. Having a kid will do that unless your babies momma is a polo player as well. I also like playing in the “Pit” in NYC.  -Mr. Polo


Mr. Polo, I recently took a line drive to the inner thigh while in goal.  I shook it off and didn’t think much of it until the next morning in the shower.  There I saw a 2 inch diameter bruise as black as Danzig’s soul, and about half an inch from where my left nut hangs.  I’m pretty sure that if it was a little further over it would have collapsed my testicle.  So my question is this, boxers or briefs on the court?
-lefty righty,both are tighty

Dear lefty righty, both are tighty,
Being a goalie has its downsides, but It sounds if you were taking one for the team. To answer your question, I think boxers are for more formal wear. Since polo isn’t so formal, I suggest going commando! This has been my style for ….well, ever since I’ve been riding a bike. Too restrictive are briefs, because you need that extra centimeter to block, reach or shoot for the ball. Lastly, if your worried about testicles, I recommend a PoloJock strap! Good luck. Can’t wait to score on you in your goal. I will keep the ball on the ground. -Mr. Polo

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