HOSER does it right!

August 27, 2012

If there is one thing that financially helps a traveling team keep going in Hardcourt, it’s definitely T-shirt sales. Every tournament I’ve attended, I’ve spent my last $20 trying to get every tee I don’t have. It was no different for me in my more active punk rock show going days, I just want to live the shit I’m into even when I’m at work.

You can tell the guys who work at shops, or have their tees done professionally. They are clean, the prints are thin, and the tees are nice. That’s not to mention that the print is on the chest where it belongs, not hovering over your belly like some sort of sick artistic bike polo fetus. The problem is that it’s a crap shoot if you are going to get a good shirt, or more of an amateur attempt.

This is where HOSER comes in and why it’s such a super rad company. HOSER is a T-shirt imprint that is taking the most iconic teams worldwide, and putting their designs onto high end boutique style ringspun tees.

The teams that they have launched with are spread out geographically really nice and cover japan to france to the United States. Each one chosen is either a top team in their country or multiple championship team (i.e.: you want these).

I ordered a few of these tees to check it out first hand, and they ran around $25 us ea and they came in about a week and a half even though they were coming from overseas. I work in the screen printing industry and let me tell you the quality of the tees are extremely high. They are not a rebranded item like american apparel, they are a 100% ringspun cotton, custom cut and sew product that they are having produced in Portugal (the cotton country of Europe). The amount of details on the tees including little tags are very nice and make the cost of $25 very very worth it. That’s not to mention that a portion of that sale price is going to the Team that’s on the shirt too. It’s just a cool win win situation for Hardcourt fans and the top teams busting their ass year after year.

Now as with european tees there is always a little bit of sizing difference. Not all of us are still in our prime, so the best way to judge sizing for americans is to compare it to a size smaller american apparel. They are 100% cotton and can shrink, so I suggest buying a size or 2 bigger.

I can’t recommend enough, you getting one of these for yourself or someone you know that plays polo this holiday season. It’s one of those rare passion projects that is just done very well. These types of things need to be supported in full.

You can check out the entire offering HOSER has by going to www.hoserstore.com.