The Brutus Trifold Review

January 29, 2013

When Northern Standard allowed us to review their new Brutus shaft, we expected them to send only one shaft, but to our surprise they sent us three! We felt the best way to handle the situation was to distribute each shaft to a different person and have them review it individually. This way we could have several perspectives on the shaft. Here is what came of it:

  1. The Brutus has become a go-to tourney mallet shaft for me. I liken it to Fixcraft’s LT in weight and longevity, my two primary concerns for a shaft. It’s been through two tournaments (Midwest Open and Star City Open) and held up like a champ. I used the Fixcraft coupler nut system to install an undrilled 5.5″ ABS head with a Rad Cap on it. Through some tough stick checks at both tourneys and a bunch of games at the 24-hour party in St. Louis, I have yet to have to bend the Brutus back to its original form. It’s already outlived the ABS head — I’m done with ABS for good — and I’m sure it will outlast many more heads to come. Long live Brutus.
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  3. Thus far the Brutus is my favorite shaft that I have played with because it is light but very rigid. I now have played with the same Brutus shaft in three or so tournaments and have had no complaints. It has taken a few hard hits to other shafts and a couple hits to the front wheel and I have not noticed any bending or major denting. I set it up with a super lightweight grip and used a 5″ St. Cago capped head
    The shaft itself came about 5″ shorter than a Fixcraft LT. This was OK because it came ready for a coupler nut, without having to cut off the tapered end. The downside is if you want to thread the tapered end then this shaft will not work. I’m a fan of the threaded taper but I’m not sure it’s enough of a trade off for me to use the LT over the Brutus. While they are the same thickness, the Brutus feels stiffer. It feels like a stronger LT, but not quite an XT.
  4. 702408_10101175518149160_1846986515_nbrutusn

  5. When it comes to mallet shafts, I like them light weight and durable. The original Northern Standard shaft was a great weight, but not durable enough for me, so I was excited when they announced they were coming out with a thicker shaft.I paired my Brutus shaft with a slightly heavier head, the Fixcraft 2375, because I like the counter weight of a slightly heavier head and a light shaft. After playing with the Brutus for several months, I would say it has held up incredibly. It doesn’t dent as easily as other 1mm shafts, so you feel like you can be more aggressive with it. With the extra strength comes added weight though. The weight is somewhere between a Fixcraft LT and XT. While I prefer something a little lighter, the trade off of longevity might be worth it. Maybe it’s just time for me to hit the gym!
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Have you used a Northern Standard Brutus shaft? Tell us what you think of it! If not, go pick one up!