A Complete MILK Review

April 29, 2013

Bike polo mallet

Review of the Simple 1.2 head: Their name for this head couldn’t be any more accurate!

Mounting MILK heads to Milk shafts is pretty much as simple as 1, 2, 3 (they even send instructions on how to do it). Put the shaft into one of the pre-drilled holes on the head, make sure the slot in the shaft lines up with the ridge on the head, put the screw through a pre-drilled hole opposite the shaft entrance, and screw down.

That is how simple it would have been if the shafts sent to us were long enough for me. Sadly, it costs extra to ship them at the length I need. Honestly though, this ended up not being a problem. Spending just a few minutes with a hand file, I was able to cut a slot into a Fixcraft LT shaft and it ended up working just the same.

I was happy to be able to review the 2.5″ Simple 1.2  head. I wanted to try out the head that put MILK on the map. After using it at a couple major tournaments, I have to say that I love it. These heads have the best wear I’ve ever seen. The design of the heads allow for more wear on the corners to prolong its life. With three different rotations, you can easily make this head last for a year or longer; through pick up and tournaments alike.

While shipping from Switzerland can be expensive, the longevity and simplicity of these heads are definitely worth the extra few bucks. They will last you longer than other heads on the market and take you a fraction of the time to set up.

Support these awesome Swiss dudes!


Reviews for the Ninja 1.1 head and both Shafts: The boys and gals at MILK must know how lazy I am.

Within five minutes, I took the Ninja head and TOUGH shaft out of the box, secured the head to the shaft with hex wrench, put tape and rubber stopper on top. Boom. My mallet was ready to go. I was lucky that the MILK crew cut the shaft exactly to my preferred length, which is the same length they cut shafts to save on shipping. (Shafts in paid orders will come longer than what we received for the review.)MILK bike polo

MILK NinjaBut you’ll definitely have the convenience of a mallet head already cut to 5 inches. And the convenience of having six holes drilled for three rotations. And the mounting equipment already secured in the shaft. Overall, you’ll experience the most convenient assembling process you’ve ever had with a mallet. This is where I see MILK’s prices worthwhile (shipping costs aside). I’ve said before that I’ll pay for convenience, and MILK’s stuff is the epitome of just that.

Not only is the product convenient to set up, it’s perhaps the best stuff to play with. The MILK folks hooked us up with a LIGHT shaft too, but the length was too short for Aaron. So my tournament mallet became the Ninja 1.1 with a light shaft. Holy hell, is it light. The head has been great on all kinds of surfaces, from tennis courts to partially-sanded curling courts. At the latter, there was a ton of dust on the surface, but a few pieces of hockey tape on the bottom kept the head from slipping without affecting my play.

MILK NinjaThe LIGHT shaft stood up well to the likes of some serious Midwest games. Dents are abundant and there’s a slight bend, but nothing that makes it unplayable. The TOUGH shaft is standing the test of time and hacks even better. Fewer dents have shown up and there’s no sign of any bend.

When the funding is available, I’ll be going for more Ninjas. But that begs the question: Why hasn’t MILK set up a U.S. distributor?

If nothing else, we would happy to set up a store for them 🙂

Until then, go buy MILK Products!