Bike Polo Hits the Tabloids

April 8, 2013


This story was brought to our attention thanks to our good friend Tucker Schwinn. While shamelessly looking through an Us Weekly (which he claims made its way into his home due to the previous tenants not forwarding their mail), Tucker found this gem of a photo. In a story about Adele’s secret wedding plans to boyfriend Simon Konecki, Us Weekly posted this photo from last July of Konecki wearing a bike polo t-shirt.

While there isn’t any mention of the t-shirt or bike in the article, we still feel it is some sort of step toward bike polo hitting the main stream. This is almost as good as seeing Sean Ingram (owner of Fixcraft) wearing a Chicago Bike Polo t-shirt at Krazy Fest in Louisville, KY back in 2011. Are celebrity endorsements the future of hardcourt bike polo? Probably not, but it is always fun to see bike polo pop up in none bike polo settings.

Hopefully someone from UK Bike Polo can give us some info on this t-shirt and maybe even tell us how the Drop4Drop charity CEO got his hands on a bike polo t-shirt.