Fixcraft Product Drop

April 24, 2013


After a long wait (it’s almost the end of April, come on!) Fixcraft has done a massive product drop of their 2013 line. Not only did they bring back some old products in new and improved forms, they also presented us with brand new items that we have been seeing sneak peeks of for months now. Old and new products alike, they are even for sale on a brand new website. Gone are the days of sharing a space on Blue Collar Distro, and forward into the future they march to stake their claim as the most innovative bike polo company in the biz. Here is a little taste of what is they are now offering:



  • Back are the 2500 and 2375Unibody heads, but this time in a slimmed down version. Both heads are now only 5″ long and come with one set of mounting holes pre-drilled, plus two secondary position marking holes. Both models are also made out of the highest grade virgin, impact resistant UHMW.

LT_20Poles_20Thumb XT_20Poles_20Thumb

  • Also back are the new and improved LT Ultra Lite and XT Extra Tuff shafts. Both shafts now come anodized for extra strength and on top of that, they come in four colors! The mounting end now comes pre-threaded (no more drop nuts!) to save time and weight. The end also is cut to fit the new Fixcraft Cleat, that we are all incredibly excited to try (sadly, we are still waiting on the Cleat).


  • Finally a ball that can stand the blistering heat of summer! This 100 A durometer ball is made to be played in 80+ degrees. According to the Fixcraft website, the ball was tested last summer all across the south, from Arizona to Florida, with rave reviews. If that isn’t good enough, Fixcraft is donating a portion of each ball sold to NAH. Support Fixcraft, Support NAH, Support Bike Polo!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be found in the new Fixcraft webstore, so we strongly encourage you to check it out! If all of these new products aren’t enough incentive, then maybe a store wide sale is! Until 8pm tonight April 24th (Central Standard Time), Fixcraft is offering 15% anything and everything. All you need to do is use the coupon code FIXNEW to get the discount.