King’s Crown review

April 23, 2013

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Our review of the Milwaukee Bicycle Company’s King Crown has been long over due, but like I’ve said in the past, we like to make sure we thoroughly play with products before reviewing them. We want to make sure they hold up over time and live up to our initial reactions. Before even reading the reviews, I will say that the King Crown did hold up and it became one of our favorite products to date. When you first see the product on their site you’ll think “$11 for one screw and one nut?!? OMG R U 4 REAL?!?” but I promise you, it is worth your money. Here are our official thoughts:

Review 1: The King’s Crown is a pretty innovative little piece. I originally purchased mine to use on the Arena Alchemy head, but it’ll work well on any thin-walled head. I still have about 36 inches of old, uncapped St. Cago piping that will work perfectly with the Crown. It’s harAlchemy open enddly a complaint, but it can be a bit tricky to get my meaty fingers inside my mallet head to thread the crown on the shaft. It gets easier with practice.

I’d also suggest keeping an eye on the bottom of your mallet to ensure it’s not wearing so much that the teeth poke all the way through. I haven’t had this happen, but be cognizant of when you need to rotate your mallet head. Now that the piece comes in the Monohead complete package, it seems pretty worthwhile. My only other concern is the Crown outlasting the shaft. Once your shaft gets a serious bend, you’ll need another threaded shaft on which to put the Crown. So if a threaded shaft is spent, you can put the same Crown on a new threaded pole.

Overall though, I’d get another one. Hell, the Monohead package is a pretty sweet deal.

Review 2: Is it too late to deem a product as the best of 2012? If not, I’m going to go ahead and say that the Milwaukee King’s Crown attachment system is hands down the best thing to hit the polo market thus far. Most companies are just doing various forms of drop nuts which still leave the problem of the head loosening from the shaft and still leave the potential for nuts putting through the bottom of heads. MBCo reinventing of the wheel allowed for both of these problems to disappear.

I attached my King’s Crown to the first generation Magic Emerald (this head did not have a center ridge like the new ones do). It allowed for secure attachmenIMAG0642t without worries of the bottom of the head bubbling out or the nut pulling through the thin wall. MBCo only sent me one King’s Crown so when I tried to build up a second Emerald Head without the Crown, I had the hardest time. The King’s Crown was a saving grace in this instance.

One concern I could see popping up is that over time the teeth of the crown may poke through the bottom of the head. Natural mallet head wear could cause a tooth or two to start poking through the bottom (it hasn’t happened for me yet and I’ve been using my mallet on it’s first rotation for several months now) so be sure to check it and rotate the head as needed.

The only other concern that comes to mind is the extras that you need to buy with it. By this I mean that for me the King’s Crown worked so well because I had a threaded Milwaukee shaft that would screw into it. So for this crown to work it’s best you need to either order a threaded Milwaukee shaft with your Crown or buy a tool to thread the end of the shaft of your choice. Since some shafts come without the tapered end (i.e. MILK and Northern Standard), you are left a smaller market to choose from.

That being said, I absolutely love my Milwaukee shaft as well. It feels light and I’ve played many tough games in several tournaments using this mallet and the shaft has zero dints. The combo of the shaft, King’s Crown, and the new Small Mouth Head could put Milwaukee Bicycle Company back to the top of the bike polo market.

As Jim Cramer might say on Mad Money, DON’T BE AN IDIOT AND BUY NOW!