NAH 2013 Ruleset

April 17, 2013


Today the NAH released their official ruleset for the 2013 qualifier season. This short and to the point ruleset got rid of the wordiness of the previous 2012 version and should be a lot easier for players to understand. While trimming some fat, they decided to add a couple new rules.

This year they are allowing shaft shots. Yes, you read that correctly! Goals will now count when shot off the end of the mallet and the shaft of the mallet so be sure to practice your scoop to punch style shots before your qualifier.

They also added a “Trapping” rule. You are no longer allowed to steer an opponent, that is not in possession of the ball, into the wall and trap them there to  keep them from the play. Very similar to an interference rule, this is a rule that I feel should have been added a long time.

To find out what else has changed, check out the NAH Website for further information. Be sure to memorize those rules so we can give our refs an easier time this year.


You can find the most up to date ruleset HERE! For more information on the mid season ruleset update, go HERE.