The Return of

April 12, 2013


Mr. Do and his stream team return this weekend for the first time of the 2013 bike polo season. The first installment of will be at the Battle for the Midwest bench format tournament held in Mankato, Minnesota. After the test session a couple weeks ago at Riverside, Mr.Do and the rest of the stream team are confident in their ability to bring you the best live streamed bike polo tournament to date. Be sure to tune into at 9am CST Saturday and Sunday for this sure to be intense tournament.

Something else worth mentioning is how another important bike polo software is debuting some new features this weekend as well. After a long wait, Podium will be debuting its bench format software this weekend at the Battle. This new feature will allow viewers to see who is on the court at any time, it allows them to track play time of each player, see which players are scoring the goals, among a plethora of other new functions! For you Instagramers out there, be sure to check #MidwestBattle2 for all the behind the scenes pictures of the Battle of the Midwest.

Be sure to clear your plans for the weekend, put on some comfortable clothes, and relax in front of your computer with some bike polo thanks to and Podium!