The Heat Is On

May 15, 2013
Most of the time we call him Dick Kruse for a reason, but sometimes Nick does cool shit; here is one of those times. Check out his thoughts on the new Fixcraft-DGel NAH Hard Durometer Tournament ball:

It’s 87 degrees in Columbia, Missouri today. Aaron and I went out to the park to hit around and gee whiz, it was a sure reminder of what playing in the heat is like. There’s no such thing as a mild summer in the Midwest these days, is there? The idea of a 20 minute competitive game in the middle of the day at the qualifier doesn’t really get me excited, I have to say. Wah wah, Nick. Wah.

Anyway, before we left for the court Aaron grabbed the new Fixcraft-DGel NAH Hard Durometer Tournament ball that Sean threw him last time he was in Lawrence. We had it on the court along with a HOT ball from 2012 and the ‘Canadian orange’ as well.

As expected, around the 5 minute mark, the old HOT ball and the Canadian orange got mushy. We all know what it’s like – sucks, man. But the new Fixcraft Hard Durometer ball seemed to be holding up. As the others became unplayable, we pushed them aside and continued to pass around and work on a few things for about an hour. The new little orange guy remained pretty snappy. When leaving the court, I collected the balls and they were all warm to the touch. Squeezing each one in my hand, I could feel and see the difference. The ball was playable the entire time we were there, and considering the conditions I was really impressed with it.

I don’t mean this to be a conservative radio style advertisement where all the sudden crazy-dude is talking about the gold standard and giving you the phone number for how to buy gold coins and canned foods because “he believes there will be AN ECONOMIC MELTDOWN!!!” I just really think Sean and the Fixcraft crew have been working towards a solution for awhile now, and invested a lot of time into this ball. I am excited to see a real improvement come to fruition.

Although, maybe it’s some divine being’s way of leveling the playing field to prevent us here in Columbia from being TOO good (zing!), summer is surely settling in to sap your skills all over the northern hemisphere. Do yourself a favor and try these suckers out! I think they’re really tight!