Electric Salmon 2.0

June 14, 2013


After months of manufacturer troubles, the new and improved Electric Salmon head by Portland Bike Polo in now available! Still one of the lightest heads on the market in North American, the heads weighs in around 78g. While the weight stayed the same on the new version of the head, the insides got a whole new make over!

To keep the heads from unscrewing from the shaft, Portland added an 1/8″ center ridge. Similar to MILK heads or the new Fixcleat, all you have to do to mount these heads is file out a small 1/8″ slit from the end of the shaft, fit the inner ridge into the slit, add the screw from the bottom, and you’re ready to get weird all over the court! Also new on these heads is a thicker edge where the natural cap meets the cylinder of the head. This allows for more wear on the head before having to move onto the next one. Check out the diagram at the bottom of the page for a nice cross section view of the head.

For only $25 you can cast your lures and catch one of these Electric Salmons. Head on over to the Portland Bike Polo website for more info!