Live Cascadia Qualifer

June 28, 2013


Putting aside the awful qualifying system set up for the 2013 session, this year has been the best road to the North American Championship to date. This is due to one simple thing: live polo. We have three live qualifiers so far and the Cascadia qualifier this weekend will mark the fourth. Can you imagine if you were told this time last year that four out of the seven qualifiers would be live streamed? People would have laughed off the idea as a wild fantasy, on par with bike polo joining the X-Games. Thanks to a standard set by Mr.Do we are lucky enough to watch the highest level of play, in a majority of the regions, live from the comforts of our beds, couches, toilets, etc.

While Mr.Do’s stream team will not be in action this weekend in Seattle, and it still isn’t clear where you can find the stream, the Cascadia qualifier will definitely be streaming live. This polo event would not be available to us all without a generous donation from Sean at Fixcraft. Everyone should send him a “Thank You” email or pick up a Fixcraft product to thank him for this out of pocket donation that allows us all to enjoy watching the most competitive North American qualifier this season. Sean never stops doing great things to help the sport grow and he deserves more ‘Thanks’ than we can put into words.

Send Sean and Fixcraft your love and be sure to keep checking back here for information on the URL for the live stream of the Cascadia qualifier.


You can follow the Cascadia qualifier live over on Podium. Here is the LINK.