Compacting the Arc

July 16, 2013


Toronto’s Modifide Bike Polo is an ivy that is growing over all the walls of the bike polo community. Less than a year old, you see their heads all over the North American polo scene. Through innovative design, Modifide is determined to out grow it’s competition.

The newest item in the Modifide Bike Polo cauldron is their 4″ Arc. Just like it’s 5″ predecessor, the 4″ Arc is promising hard hits and unmatched ball control, but only this time in a compact size. Weighing in at 89 grams, the 4″ Arc has an outer diameter of 2.5″ so you will be able to do all the fancy scoop tricks in your recipe book.

Modifide Bike Polo limited the first run of heads to only 4o, so be sure you pick one up before they sell out! Hit up their store HERE to get one for yourself.