FBM Ballista Ride Report

July 23, 2013

IMG_1131_zps7e0351edThis article was originally posted on The Assassins’ Bike Polo blog.

The crew at FBM put the hammer down to get us some new polo bike prototypes a few days before the Cascadia Qualifier. We wanted to get as much time in on them before the tournament so we got the frames built up as soon as they arrived. This is the best polo frame and fork that I’ve ridden. As soon as I jumped on the Ballista I was instantly comfortable and my game changed for the better. Mike at the FBM frame shop got in touch with us to ask what we would be interested in having on a polo specific frame set. We gave him some input and they really delivered. Mike and the rest of the guys at FBM have lot of years of experience in frame design and production, it shows in the quality and craftsmanship. FBM is an invested bike company with over a decade of success in BMX. All of their frames are hand made in Johnson City, NY by real people that ride bikes. They are awesome dudes and we are very excited to be representing them in bike polo. It was a great experience to work with Mike and everyone at FBM to develop one of the best frames in bike polo.

ScreenShot2013-07-16at90642PM_zps5fa0c266The frame and fork are 700c specific with mounting options for front and/or rear linear pull brakes, and a front disc tab.

IMG_1126_zps6a20d1cbThere are full housing guides on the under side of the top tube for smooth routing from either side of the head tube and to keep the housing tucked out of the way.

IMG_1124_zps4cec42e7The small gusset behind the bottom bracket helps to keep the rear end stiff.

IMG_1149_zps8f0dd20fThe Ballista is tig welded with 4130 chromoly steel tubes. There will be a few sizes depending on general interest, available through a preorder. The production frames will have custom head badges, new decal designs, and will be available in 2-3 colors.

IMG_1163_zpsd4788ef9The Ballista feels really stable at speed, there is no shimmying or speed wobbles. Cornering is smooth and predictable, I’ve had no trouble with diving or jack knifing. The slightly longer wheelbase provides no toe overlap and a firm footing for going shoulder to shoulder. We’ve been giving feedback to FBM to make improvements that may be needed. But what you see here is pretty close to what the finished product will be, possibly a few modifications. The Ballista will go into production sometime this coming winter.

And finally, a few shots of the fork…

IMG_1137_zps30a71a4c IMG_1125_zps419ae240 IMG_1140_zps3849e08e