Fixcraft, Magic Collaboration

July 24, 2013


One of my favorite characteristics of Sean Ingram, the owner of Fixcraft, is the way he often puts the sport above himself. He puts himself and the company on the line, not to weigh down his pockets but purely to help advance the sport. He has donated loads of money this season to help make live streamed bike polo a standard at major tournaments. He has joined forces with other companies to help bring you the best products, instead of two competing inferior products. Instead of competing with D-Gel for the best bike polo ball, the two companies joined forces to bring us the best bike polo balls we have ever seen. When Fixcraft and Northern Standard were prototyping their polo specific gloves, there was a rumor going around of them joining forces instead of competing against each other; sadly, this never happened. When Sean and Fixcraft wanted to put out a polo specific bike, they joined forces with the most innovative company in the BMX world, Tree. Working together they have been designing the Mutt polo frame, as well as the fork that we saw featured in this month’s Fixcraft Friday deal.

With Sean’s eagerness to work with companies, it was no wonder he was so willing to collaborate Magic Bike Polo. John Hayes, one of the owners of Magic Bike Polo, said he hit up Sean only six weeks ago about a cost effective way to bring the Connect to Europe. For the Connect’s European distribution, they re-branded the Fixcraft Connect as the Magic Connect. The only difference in the European version is that it comes in the patented Magic purple.

John Hayes tells us that with the addition of the Magic Connect to their catalog, they plan to bring back heads similar to their version one Emerald. This means that they will lose the inner mounting lip as it is unnecessary with the Connect system. For those unwilling to pick up a Magic Connect, Hayes says they will keep an Emerald model with the mounting lip. The same can not be said for the Black Magic head; those models are made to be light so they will most likely not run any models with a mounting lip.

We love to see bike polo companies working together and we hope to see more collaborations in the future! We are also happy to see these hitting the European shelves; if you are as well, head over to the Magic Bike Polo store and pick some up.