Qualifier News: Cascadia

July 2, 2013

1010291_550800544962448_2125716759_nPhoto courtesy of Fixcraft

The seventh and final qualifier of 2013 season took place this past weekend in Seattle, Washington. Cascadia is known for being one of toughest qualifiers and after watching the games, the teams definitely lived up to this reputation. Twenty four of the regions best teams met on the hottest weekend in Seattle of 2013.

Like the other qualifiers, there were Swiss rounds on Saturday followed by a double elimination bracket on Sunday. Cascadia did do one thing differently though; they decided to use Strength of Schedule to dictate the Swiss rounds, as opposed to Goal Differential like the other tournaments. At least they decided to use Podium this year instead of Seattle Swiss, so all of us losers could easily follow the tournament all weekend. In case you were not able to follow, let’s get to a round-up of the tournament.

At the end of the Saturday’s Swiss rounds, two teams finished with a record of 4-0-1: last years Cascadia qualifier champions, The Guardians (Cody, Julian, Dustin SEA), and their gentle giant neighbors to the south, Portland United (Arlyn, Jason, Eric PDX). Sitting in third was Big Country (Alex, Rory VAN, Henry VIC), who is made up of two-thirds of of the 2011 World Championship team Crazy Canucks. While these teams sat at the top, one team sitting in 12th place decided to ignite the fire under their wheels on day two.

On Sunday The Assassins (Joe, Koyo, Evan SEA) fought their way from 12th place to the Winner’s Bracket Semi-Final where they met The Guardians. Taking last years champs to overtime, The Assassins lost to The Guardians 5-4. In the other Winner’s Bracket Semi-Final match up, Portland United took Big Country in a 3-0 victory. This sent Portland United and The Guardians to the Winner’s Bracket Final and The Assassins and Big Country met in the Loser’s Bracket Final.

In the Loser’s Bracket Final, The Assassins snuck away with a 5-4 victory, leaving Big Country to finish in fourth place. In the Winner’s Bracket Final, The Guardians walked all over Portland United with 5-0 sweep. This sent Portland United to the Loser’s Bracket, where they met The Assassins. Here, Portland United met the same fate as in 2012. Finishing third, Portland United lost to The Assassins 3-1. With this victory, The Assassins met The Guardians in the Tournament Final. In what felt like a quick tournament final, The Assassins fell to The Guardians 5-2. The Assassins jumped up two spots from last years fourth place finish.

Cascadia was awarded nine spots at the North American Championship and here were the other teams that will be heading to Minneapolis this August:

  • 5th: Thunder Buddies (Matt, scooter SEA, Martin VAN)
  • 5th: Bill Murray (Emmet LDN, jake SAC, Sterling SEA)
  • 7th: Grumpy Town (Leon, Drew, Wade SEA)
  • 7th: Short Shorts Shorties (paul, Sean, Stiven SEA)
  • 9th: Mosquito (Daren EDM, Duane REG, Will SKN)

Congratulations to them all!