Unofficial 2014 NAH Regional Allotment

August 22, 2013

562740_10200418143878387_173043601_nThis picture has nothing to do with the article, it’s just one of my favorites from the NAHBPC.

Now that the 2013 NAH season has come to an end, it’s time for the NAH higher ups to get together and discuss the pros and cons of the 2013 structure and then use this information to help guide the structure for 2014. We are unsure what changes will come about for the 2014 season, but in case they decided to keep the weighted allotment for the 2014 NAHBPC, we will look into how it will pan out. In case you are unfamiliar with the weighted allotment or just forgot how it works, let me give you a refresher.

Before the 2013 NAH season started, the NAH higher ups proposed a “Weighted Allotment of Slots” for each regional qualifier. This meant that each region had three automatic spots saved for the NAHBPC (for the three teams that podium at the qualifier) and then any remaining spots would be allotted based on last years results at the tournament. An assessment of the top 24 teams at the 2012 NAHBPC was done and spots were splits accordingly. For the 2013 season this meant:

  • Cascadia – Podium + 6 = 9
  • Midwest – Podium + 6 = 9
  • Eastside – Podium + 4 = 7
  • Northside – Podium + 3 = 6
  • South Central – Podium + 3 = 6
  • South West – Podium + 3 = 6
  • South East – Podium + 2 = 5

If the NAH decides to keep this same model and they look at the top 24 teams at the 2013 NAHBPC, here is the potential regional allotment for the 2014 season:

  • Cascadia – Podium + 8 = 11
  • Midwest – Podium + 5 = 8
  • Eastside – Podium + 4 = 7
  • Northside – Podium + 3 = 6
  • South Central – Podium + 1 = 4
  • South West – Podium + 1 = 4
  • South East – Podium + 2 = 5

According to the NAH website, “This allocation leaves three open slots for a 48-team NAHBPC, which could be awarded based on additional criteria to be determined.” So while these three slots have not been distributed, we can get a good idea what the structure will look like. Cascadia will gain a team, Midwest will lose a team, Eastside, Northside, and South East stay the same, while South Central and South West will lose two spots. This is most unfortunate for the South West since San Fransisco is building itself up to be a bike polo powerhouse.

Like we said in the beginning, the NAH officials have not given out any info on the 2014 season. This is all speculation based off of their 2013 and 2014 Proposed Structure document that can be found on their WEBSITE.

Tell us what you think of the structure and allotments!




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