WHBPC Wild Card Info

August 27, 2013


Worlds is less than two months away and I know the whole poloverse is foaming at the mouth for a chance to win that gold. For those of us who did not qualify for the main event, there is still hope to compete against the best teams in the world. On the Wednesday before Worlds there will be a Wild Card Tournament.

The tournament will consist of 36 teams from all over the World with six of these teams moving on to the actual World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. The break down of the 36 teams looks something like this.

  • North America -> 12
  • Europe -> 12
  • Australasia -> 3
  • Asia -> 3
  • South America -> 3
  • Caribbean/Mexico -> 3

If Worlds is anything like the previous years, then chances are the regions outside of North America will not fill all of their Wild Card slots and North America will get more than 12 Wild Card slots. So sign your team up North American players!

It’s super simple to sign up for the Wild Card, all you need to do is line up two teammates (no TBD or TBA teammates will be accepted) and fill out this registration form HERE! Make sure you sign up for “Wild Card” in the Registration Option section and not WHBPC Main Event, as your registration will get tossed out and you will not have a chance to play the Wild Card.

Teams have until 11:59pm et on September 5th to register. On September 6th there will a lottery to determine which teams from each region will get to play in the Wild Card. This event will be recorded so that the process is 100% impartial and everyone has an equal chance.

Go make a team and get signed up, the WHBPC is not something you want to miss!