BBC Eggheads Wants YOU (or us, but not really)

September 3, 2013

Hey all,

Well – Horse just got this interesting email:


I’m writing to you from 12 Yard Productions, a TV Production company who produce the BBC2 hit quiz show, Eggheads.
I wanted to get in contact as we are now working on our 15th series(!) and thought it would be absolutely fantastic to get a team of bicycle polo players on the show! It’s a lot of fun to film the show and it would be great to get the word out about this very cool sport!
If you haven’t seen the show check us out on BBC iPlayer but it is essentially a team of 5 of you (this could be teammates, colleagues, friends, family, anything you like) who take on the quizzing brains of our Eggheads. 
I have attached a link below to our contestant page where you can download an application form – if you’re interested and then you can just send this form back to me as soon as possible as we are holding Nationwide auditions over the next few weeks.
I have also attached a flyer with information about how to apply and would be really grateful if you could distribute this amongst people that may be interested in applying for the show… friends, family, anybody!
Thanks so much!
It’s apparent that the good people over at Eggheads think that we are based in Lancaster, UK, not Lancaster, PA. While it is a damned shame that I can’t rise to meteoric glory via this quiz show, I did want to mention the email as it seems as though they’re open for anyone applying – LOOKING AT YOU LONDON BIKE POLO!!!



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