Ben’s Cycle Labor Day Sale

September 2, 2013


Here in the U. S. of A. we are celebrating Labor Day today. Historically it is a day that allows us to reflect on the social and economic achievements of workers in the U.S.A. In our modern era, Labor Day is looked at an a symbolic end of summer and an extra day off work. The retail industry has taken advantage of this extra day off that many workers receive and decided to have a huge day of sales to get all these people to shop on their day off.

Enough of a history lesson, let’s get to the goods! Ben’s Cycle is having a 20% sale today only. As you probably already read on the flier, the sale includes in everything in both Ben’s Cycle and Milwaukee Bicycle Co. stores, except Milwaukee frames and frame sets. Use this 20% to go pick up some Large Mouth heads for your tournament play and some Small Mouth heads for pick up! They are both fantastic heads. While you’re at it, you might as well use this as a chance to try one of their King’s Crown mallet connector system. To get the discount, all you have to do is type in BENSWORK20 into the coupon code section and you’re ready to have a line of new MKE mallets for all your Fall tournaments.