WHBPC Needs Your Help!

October 1, 2013


I know for most of us, traveling to Florida later this month will be nothing more than a week of fun in the sun. A carefree vacation near the beach while playing some of the best polo of our lives. I mean come on it’s Florida! While making your Florida to-do list, try adding one more thing that could make everyone’s Worlds experience a little better.

The World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship needs volunteers! To help the tournament run smoothly Florida, the NAH, WHBPC organizers, even the poloverse as a whole, asks that you step up and help out. They need volunteers to ref, goal judge, score keep, time keep, and help with general command center duties. Signing up for even one hour of your time can make the tournament go from a rusty chain to a well oiled smooth ride. Do your part and help the community out!

NAH has posted a needs schedule on VolunteerSpot. The site helps them keep track of everyone that is generous enough to offer a few minutes of their time for the tournament. Follow the link HERE and sign up!

Keep your bikinis under wraps for just a little while longer and give just two extra hours a day to be in Weston so that the 2013 World Championship can the best we have ever seen.

The Poloverse Needs You!