2014 Rules Survey

November 13, 2013

With the 2013 WHBPC less than a month behind of us, the NAH is wasting no time getting things rolling to improve the 2014 season. Yesterday, the head of the NAH Rules Committee, Nick Kruse, released a survey on some possible amendments for next year’s rule set. There are only eight questions so we encourage you all to take ten minutes out of your time for this survey. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s important for the future of hardcourt play! Here’s what Kruse had to say during his League of Bike Polo press release:

“As part of my effort to move the rule set forward, I said that, following worlds, I wanted to have some informal polls about some of the controversial rule changes that get discussed here on the boards and maybe sometimes in real life. With big, big help from Joe Rstom, the following was put together:


Go forth and click. These votes aren’t tied to where you live or even if you play polo. The goal here is to gain experience in a systematic method for developing the rule set. And to simply get some information out there about what ‘people’ may want. We’d appreciate some community integrity in your votes, and I’m sure you all will grant it. Non-North Americans, feel free to contribute.

If you don’t see something here that is important to you, please email rules@nahardcourt.com. Aside from the topics brought up in these polls, I have a list of issues that I am addressing in the current rule set that vary less with individual opinions and are centered on safety. They are things that have been presumed but not written due to past haste in drafting the rules. One of your things may be one of mine. Get at me.

Maybe you don’t see an option to click that you feel should really be in there for one of the topics. If this is you, post below about it. Let’s see what the x2s say.

Thanks for your help. Try to not get worked up about this; the rules are going to be sweet next year. This is one step among many, and I want to stress that it is just a census of opinion. We have plenty of time. Enjoy your off-season, if that is even a thing.”

As Kruse stated, this is just the first step among many to better next season and I couldn’t be more excited! The 2014 season is destine to be the best we have ever seen. But it will only happen if everyone puts in a little help; take the SURVEY and then join in on the discussion via League of Bike Polo.