Hija de la Coneja 2014 Preview

November 26, 2013


Yesterday Hija de la Coneja released a preview of their 2014 line of bike polo frames, and they are looking gorgeous. While the 2014 Hija de la Conejas kept their trademark wishbone seat stay, they did add a couple new features to ensure that we will all see more of these frames on courts around the world. Firstly, they added an XL frame! Their frame sizes tend to run smaller than other polo bikes (I normally ride a medium and I would ride a large Coneja) so by adding an XL you can grab the demographic of bike polo players over six foot tall. On top of this, they also dropped some extra bucks on heat treating each frame. They wanted to insure that dents and dings would stay off of their frames so that you could enjoy your Hija de la Coneja for years to come.

If you’re looking for a new polo bike for the 2014 season, why not hit up our friends from Barcelona, Spain and pick up a Hija de la Coneja. At $500 for a shipped frameset, that’s hard to pass up! ¬†Here are some additional pictures to help convince you: