What’s Important to You at the Majors?

November 6, 2013


Kevin Walsh, the League of Bike Polo Godfather, set up a poll on his website asking the Poloverse to chime in on one important question. “What are the most important characteristics of a good host location for these ‘flagship’ events?” Since Euros, North Americas and the WHBPC are where the highest teams come together, this simple question has a complicated answer. Kevin gives us ten options to choose from (i.e. Shelter from the elements, Good scoreboards, Court surface, Ease of travel, Food, Cheap or free housing, Court Size, Destination city, Parties, Court boards) and allows us to rank our top five choices in order of importance.

To take the survey, follow this link to the League of Bike Polo. Let’s find out what everyone feels are the most important elements of our highest tournaments so that we can make decision through democracy.