Jack the Dish II Roundup

December 11, 2013

Small friendly tournaments are fun, silly, and help remind us just how much we love our bike polo family. As much as giving a cash prize to the winner takes out the friendly element for some players (*cough* Joey *cough cough*), Jack The Dish was a refreshing laid back tournament held by The Fresno Pedal Junkies. The Fresno crew are stoked on polo and it’s always a blast hanging out with them, so making the three hour drive for a one day tournament totally worth it. The tournament was a $5 per person throw in winner takes all;  on top of that it was a potluck, so everyone brought a delicious dish. It was a great way to burn off some calories from all the food I ate on Thanksgiving. With folks coming from Sac, Santa Cruz, SF, San Diego, LA, and Davis we had a great crew of California slayers in attendance!

Schwackers were the stacked team of Joey, Shitty and Rhyno, so it’s no surprise they went undefeated.   Sacramento took second, but I am keeping with my theory that team Mighty Fucks (Kyle, Jackie and Myself) would have been number two if not for the fact that we were overly lubricated with beer by the time we played against them. Bring it gentlemen!


Insert amazing team photo here:
Annnnnnnnnd here’s the obligatory group shot:

Thanks again Fresno!  I will leave you with this…
shitty(From the Instagram of MISSJILLIANROSE: “…Shitty Kyle lost control at the Jack the Dish 2”)