Girl Crush Vol. 2

January 23, 2014

Back by popular demand!  This round we are crushing all over the awesome Germaustralian (officially claiming that one) ANJA!!!!!!!  After much praise of her baddassery from a mutual friend.  I got to meet her, and keep the giddy girl inside me at bay, March of last year at the Australiasian Nationals in Timaru.  Let the girl crush begin!


Huggable Factor: 20/20

Hell yeah girl, come give me dat huggggg!!!  One of the sweetest most posie polo players I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!  She’s also plays hella clean, like if Mr. Clean had a lovely ginger counterpart who played polo, that would be Anja.  Which is both a blessing and a curse when you play against her, but more on that later.  Let’s all give Anja hugs!!!!

Intimidation Factor: 18/20

You should probably be shaking in your boots, and if you aren’t wearing boots stop reading now and go put on a pair.  I’ll give you a minute……

Now that you’re back, be afraid, be very afraid.  Of the two female players who made it into the double elimination tournament at Worlds this year, Anja was one of them.  Her team, Melbourne Anchor, has been one of the top Australian teams for the two years Anja has lived in Australia.  Needless to say:  H-E-L-L F-U-C-K-I-N-G Y-E-S.  Her baddassery sneaks up on you much like her playing style of being all over an opponent like a dirty shirt.

Scoring Factor: 17/20

While defense seems to be her strong suit, Anja has a certain way of making you do a facepalm in goal.  I mean you see her coming, you know she’s going to take a shot and then you just end up looking like this:
3She’s kinda like a silent killer as she gracefully makes her way around the court and then….KABLOOEY you’re scored on again. What makes her scoring factor so good is her smart plays and killer passes.  She has definitely honed the art of being a team player, which let’s admit it, we all struggle with right?  No just me…please say it’s not just me.

Defense Factor: 19/20

Dude…for reals, mad defensive skills.  Crap I can usually get away with in games being a jerkoff lefty, I can’t get away with playing against Anja.  She’s got my number and she probably has your too.  She is the dream player we all wish we could be; she’s conscience of which of her teammates is hanging back and is more than willing to put herself in the goal if need be (even though we both know she can score, out play and in general outsmart many of her opposing players).  You may have heard a few of us chanting “Release Anja” toward Damon (her teammate) during Australasians or Worlds because, for reals, you’re wasting her talent keeping that fine lady in goal.

Should I be Worried?: 19/20

If you aren’t worried by now, then you may have Van Damme like nerves of steel..
tumblr_mw9vdntekI1s02vreo1_400The rest of us should remember that she did better than most of us at Worlds this year on a borrowed bike that she didn’t even play on until she got to Florida.  She may not be the most vocal, heaviest checker, or even highest scorer but Anja should certainly be on your list of top female players to be intimidated by.  She plays smart, putting herself in great position on the court, and plays some of the best defense I have ever seen.  Just when you think you’ve shaken her BAM she’s right on top of you messing up your petty idea of a play.

Crushable Score: 93/100

Well Hot Damn do we here at 3-2-1 Polo! have a crazy girl crush on Anja!  From playing on the all ladies team Poloholica (see the image below) in Munich, Germany to playing on one of the top teams in Australia.  Anja is lovely to have a beer or two with and mainly just rules at life in general.  Congrats Anja!  You have just girl crushed your way into our hearts.


NOTE: If you have a special female player in your life that you’d like to see crushed, email me at with your chosen player and how they fit into the characteristics above.  Holla at ya Sam