Helpful Tips from the Hot Honey Biscuits

January 28, 2015

This past week, Tina from the Hot Honey Biscuits posted 9 helpful tips to up your game. Before reading them, sure to head over and give their Facebook Page a ‘LIKE’! Here ya go:

Looking for inspiration to up your game? Tina has some really, really good points/idea’s for anyone of any skill level! Get out there and play some polo!

1) Lighten up. Your mallet should be as light as possible. The fatigue in your hands and forearms greatly affect your game. Treat yourself to a nice new light mallet.

2) Lose some front teeth (or gain some in the rear). I cannot tell you how many women’s bikes I’ve ridden that have wayyyyy too stiff ratios. Jeeeeez, why torture yourself? Yes, you may be faster in a long sprint, but if you can’t pick up speed quickly you will always be left in the dust. You can always build your way up. Also, low ratios make bike handling soooo much easier. You’ll be doing wheelie turns in no time!

3) Make sure your bike is up to par. It’s not about being fancy, it’s about fine tuning your bike to make it work for YOU. And brakes. They should be perfect. No excuses.

4) Clip in. It will change you’re life. (make sure they are loose at first!)

5) Protective gear. At the bare minimum, gloves and knee/shin guards (and helmet of course!) You will be AMAZED at what you can bounce back from when you’re properly equipped. You’re never going to get better if you’re afraid of getting hurt. More gear = less fear.

6) Do not sit in goal the whole game, even if it means your team will lose. Screw that. However, when you leave goal, GET IN THE GAME. No one likes a floater.

7) Stop drinking (so much 😉 ) at pick up.

8) Play your hardest, always. Never give up on the ball. Play until exhaustion to build up your endurance.

9) Try not to get your feelings hurt by all the shit talking. Men do it to each other and they will do it to you. There are lots of assholes in this game. Lots of good folks too. Don’t let the assholes ruin it for you. Give it back and/or let it fuel your fire.
<3 Tina



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