4th Latin American Bike Polo Championship Has Location

January 16, 2017

Over the weekend hardcourt bike polo clubs from Central and South America voted on the location for the 4th annual Latin American Bike Polo Championship (4to Torneo Latinoamericano de Bici Polo). The choice was between two locations, San Juan Bike Polo Club proposed the tournament be held on their court in Puerto Rico, and Bici Polo Tapatío put in a proposal in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Country wide votes for each location broke down like this:
Mexico (4):
Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay

Puerto Rico (4):
Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Chile

The tie was broken by having club representatives who attended the previous Latin American championship vote. This vote breakdown looked like this:
Mexico (10): Buenos Aires (Arg) – Rosário (Arg) – Guadalajara (Mex) – Potosi (Mex) – Cidade Do Mexico (Mex) – São Paulo (Brazil) – Santos (bra) – São José Dos Campos (bra) – Belo Horizonte (bra) – Montevideo (Ury)

Porto Rico (5): Santiago (CHL) – Cordoba (Arg) – Bogotá (Col) – Quito (ECU) – San Juan (Pri)

With that vote sealed, the 4to Torneo Latinoamericano de Bici Polo will be heading to Guadalajara, Mexico in October! You can read their full proposal HERE!