NAH Tournament Scheduler

February 9, 2017

Last night the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Association (NAH) Tournament Director, Mark Aseltine, sent us a super helpful tool for organizing squad tournaments. Crafted by Aseltine, the NAH Tournament Scheduler lets you figure out how many teams you can fit into your squad tournament, based on hours of light and number of courts. This is the tool I’ve been hoping that NAH would put out, as I’ve seen a lot of organizers left feeling lost after the announcement of NAH tournaments going squad.

Here is the official statement from Tournament Director, Mark Aseltine:

On behalf of the NAH I am releasing a tool to aid in the scheduling of a Squad Format Bike Polo Tournament. To gain access to it you must open the link below and choose to download or save a copy. Once you have done that you will have full access to edit. Please read the how to section and only adjust the designated fields. If you feel any of the formula’s have been broken simply delete the file and download it again. If you have any questions about its functionality please contact Mark Aseltine (

Download and use the NAH Tournament Scheduler HERE!