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Nate’s Horse Cycles Polo Bike

July 5, 2015
horse cycles

Wowwie! I love seeing beautiful one of a kind hardcourt bike polo bikes, and this Horse Cycles frameset more than fits the bill. The attention to detail in the paint job and geometry, the craftsmanship, the unique touches, I could go one and one. This beauty is owned by New York City’s Nate Mumford, who can be see slaying on the court with the notorious bike polo team, Ratking. There are a few photos below but you can find the full series of shots HERE!

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Bike Check

Bike Check: Ebbin’s Peacock Groove

February 25, 2014
bike check: ebbin martin's peacock groove

bike check: ebbin martin's peacock groove

Name: Ebbin Martin

Age: 39

Started Playing: March 2005

Club: Minneapolis, MN

Team name: HA! No set team. Yet.

My first polo bike, an 18 spd Lemond road bike with a carbon fork, was also my road bike. Twice. It was my road bike in Madison, Wi; my road, commuter and polo bike in Brooklyn, NY; my polo bike and now my road bike, once again, in Minneapolis, MN.

I have lost track of all of the bikes I have used for polo since I started playing. Besides the Lemond, the most memorable have been a Gary Fisher Gritty that I ran fixed gear 700c rear with a 26” front disk wheel; an aluminum Bianchi hardtail mountain bike that I gave ghetto horizontal dropouts and machined as much of the headtube off as I could to steepen up the headtube angle; and most recently my All City Dropout (whose dropouts are cracking from too many hops).

However, not one of them ever felt “right”. The more bikes I tried, the more I knew I wasn’t going to find it without a custom build. After meeting Erik Noren and seeing his unique bikes, I knew I had to have the first (and only?) Peacock Groove polo bike.

Details of note: 1.5” steerer and oversized headtube = super stiff front end and confident handling. Nose pivots will never ovalize this beastly headtube. Straight gauge tubing throughout – to me, durability was more important than weight savings. I can still hop this baby like a kangaroo, and it feels so quick and balanced. Canti (removable) and stainless steel faced disk mounts front and back. Hey, you never know, I might want dual brakes again… or quad (Paul duplex lever with problem solver splitters?). Internal cable routing for the rear brakes. Super deep horizontal dropouts for maximum chain length options. Nickel plated steel front disk brake guard with four point mounting. Obviously, the paint job. I have a color coordinated top tube and stem pad in the works, and really want some two side printed, watermelon cross-section Fixcraft HDPE wheel covers made, but they are prohibitively expensive for me right now

Frame & forkPeacock Groove of Minneapolis, MN. Oversized headtube and steerer (1.5”). Stainless on all raw surfaces, disk and cantilever brake mounts front and back, internal cable routing for rear. Multilayer watermelon paint job by Brad Galvin of Dirt Designs.

Drivetrain: EighthInch freestyle splined crankset (170) (arms painted to match), 30T Tree chainwheel, 18T White Industries trials freewheel, Time ATAC carbon pedals.

Wheelset: Fixcraft 48 hole disk hubs, Velocity NoBs 48 hole rims (26”), Bontrager Hardcase 1.5 x 26”.

Brakes:  Deore MTB (long) lever (I am missing half my left index finger, so I use longer levers so I can get  my middle and sometimes ring finger to it), Avid BB7, Avid clean sweep rotor. I will be replacing this with an Avid XX Hydraulic setup I picked up at a swap.

Stem/Bars/Headset:  New Transition Bikes Temple Lite Stem 1.5 x 50mm/Fleetvelo bars with Ergon grips/Cane Creek 1.5”.

Seatpost/Saddle: Thomson/Salsa lip lock/Brooks Colt.

bike check: ebbin martin 2 bike check: ebbin martin 3 photo[4] bike check : ebbin martin 5 bike check: ebbin martin 6

Bike Check

Bike Check: Dany Majard’s SingleBe

May 29, 2013

886454_397420310356321_327904225_oYou may have seen this bike over in GOALHOLE’s Lookin’ at ya Bits section, and that is because Dany Majard was so excited about his new bike that he wanted to show it off everywhere. I do not blame him for this since the frame is as beautiful as a resurrected Greek goddess. Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, and Demeter all coalesce into this custom SingleBe frame.

Name: Dany Majard

Age: 30

Started Playing: August 2009

Club: Brno Kolo Polo

Team name: BKP

I played intermittently in Kansas for about two years and went through a few changes before getting something decent to play on. When I had to get a new frame again because the old one broke, I decided to do it right at last instead of finding a second hand mountain bike to tweak. A big motivation was to get S&S couplers so that I could take my bike around the world with me when I travel for work (3-4 times a year). I debated the solutions for a while until I found a Czech brand that was thrilled on trying and had some nice frames to show off. I therefore left behind the Joust and such options as I was really happy to keep Czech money within Czech Republic. They got certified by sandsmachine and we started working on the project. I really like the result and they were super helpful throughout the process. If I had to do it again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Their name ? SingleBe Bikes.

Frame & fork: Custom SingleBe 5-0 with all the good stuff I desired. We added much bling with the paint job that continues their tradition of half/half paint job with touches inspired by the stunning work of Firefly bikes (to which I have no connection whatsoever). The fork is a Charge plug that I found for 1 cent on Ebay (Oh the joys of Ebay in the US…). The guys at SingleBe were kind enough to weld mounts on it and sandblast it.

Drivetrain: Ebay once granted me a bontrager SS crank+BB with a Profile impreial 32t sprocket for about $14. I didn’t say no. From my experience with Trial riding I knew that I wanted quick engagement so I used the money I saved on the cranckset to buy a second hand Echo TR freewheel (108p of engagement, 9 pawls). It’s a tad noisier than the SL (i.e. the loudest on the market, according to Tartybikes) but I like to use the noise as a scare tactic in game and for pedestrians (it works 10x better than a bell). I am switching to a BlB 120p 20t though as 32×18 doesn’t give enough leverage for quick maneuverability about the rear wheel (and it all goes into my knees).

I am now dissatisfied with the high flex of the crank and am looking for a better solution. Time to switch to external BB ?

Wheelset: My front wheel is a mavic Crossland that Ebay offered me for $16 (didn’t I tell you ?). 24h radial tubeless with silk smooth bearings. I protected these spokes with wheelcovers from the get go and the damn thing is still true, even though the axle snapped once. It is light as hell too. My rear wheel is a Chucker laced on a 48h Surly Old new hub by a Crow’s Foot pattern. I used to ride rear brake only and I tacoed so many rear wheels skidding that I decided to go all out. Hence the Crow’s Foot lacing. Now I realize that I don’t really need such a burly wheel with front/double brakes and I will certainly go lighter next time.

Brakes:  Paul Duplex + Nokon + Avid Arch Rival 25.

Stem/Bars/Headset:  Kore B52 70mm stem with Origin 8 Urban Riser on echo SL headset.

Seatpost/Saddle: Brooks B17 on a standard seatpost.

Website: HERE is the page for the bike in English. Check it out, they will make whatever you ask and they make snow bikes too!

885048_397420320356320_2039694866_o  902973_397420447022974_948218733_o  906889_397420393689646_249366772_o  Bike  967264_530938476943545_44080481_o