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Jackie Kanyuk Talks Bike Polo With Hale & Heart

September 24, 2015
jackie hale and heart

Jackie Kanyuk, one of East Vancouver, Canada’s slayers, was featured in an online series called Hale & Heart. The series celebrates adventurous and spirited women and the sports that take over their lives. In Jackie’s episode entitled “Challenge and Chase”, she talks about how the hardcourt bike polo addiction that we have all subcome to, as well as the struggles of equality that many people face. Check out the episode and learn more about one of the great people that play this sport:

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The NAH Makes it onto a Buzzfeed List

July 8, 2015

As seen in the image above, the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Association (or NAH for short) made it onto a Buzzfeed list. Sadly the list wasn’t “Best Governing Bodies in Pro-Sports” or “Top 3 Sports that Billionaires are Investing In”. No, this time the NAH is only being used for their logo; more specifically the letters N, A, and H in their logo. Boring, but still totally random!

The logo was used in an article called “31 Signs That You  Still Aren’t Really an Adult“. And while “You play hardcourt bike polo” or “You waste your free time on a blog or writing rules for a sport that no one cares about” are not on the list, it seems very fitting that the NAH/hardcourt bike polo would pop up on the list.


Bike Polo Podcasts on the Rise

June 16, 2015
shuffle polo cast

In he past month I’ve been introduced to two, count em two, hardcourt bike polo podcasts. One, titles Shuffle! Polo- Cast is based out of Columbus, Ohio and generally centers around midwest polo happenings. The second is called BikePolo.NYC and, as the name/website suggests, is based in out of New York City. Both podcasts have about a handful of episodes and are guaranteed to keep your interest (in one way or another), so bookmark the sites and keep tuning in!