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Bike Polo Podcasts on the Rise

June 16, 2015
shuffle polo cast

In he past month I’ve been introduced to two, count em two, hardcourt bike polo podcasts. One, titles Shuffle! Polo- Cast is based out of Columbus, Ohio and generally centers around midwest polo happenings. The second is called BikePolo.NYC and, as the name/website suggests, is based in out of New York City. Both podcasts have about a handful of episodes and are guaranteed to keep your interest (in one way or another), so bookmark the sites and keep tuning in!

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Hardcourt Bike Polo Wikipedia Updates

April 5, 2015
wiki polo

Have you taken a stroll down the ‘Hardcourt Bike Polo’ Wikipedia page recently? Last night, between episodes of Bob Burgers, I found myself scrolling through the growing legacy that is Hardcourt Bike Polo page. I was delighted to find that someone has been doing some extensive updating on the page. You can find championship tournament results from all over the world. Not only that, but Ladies Army and Fixcraft‘s Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship are listed as well. The only thing they are missing is the 1st NAH Bench Championship (Go Portland!). Thank you to whoever keeps updating the page!



The Cartography of Cascadia Bike Polo

March 12, 2015

Cascadia’s newest Regional Rep, Kate Armstrong of Eugene, Oregon, made this amazing map of NAH’s Cascadia region. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful pieces of bike polo cartography to date! You can find a high res version of the map HERE!