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Sneak Peek from Fixcraft!

September 18, 2012

For several months now, Fixcraft and Tree Bicycle Co. have been working together to create the ultimate in polo bike gear. They have been working to revolutionize the polo frame, fork, hubs, seat post, cranks, bottom bracket, and who knows what else! Today they released a sneak peek of what is to come. Be sure to LIKE Fixcraft on Facebook to keep up with all the developments.

In the meantime, here is just a taste:

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Vitamin Water goes Bike Polo

September 11, 2012

Heist Projects (a video production company based out of Brooklyn, NY) recently did a piece on bike polo for the Vitamin Water: gamesonlybetter web series. Check out the video on Heist’s website here:

Vitamin Water: Bike Polo

Here’s to hoping that Vitamin Water becomes an official sponsor of bike polo in the near future! And hopefully doing a better job at it than Banana Boat.

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Bike Polo Doc Premiers soon!

June 24, 2012

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like I’ve seen several Hardcourt documentary trailers on vimeo and youtube that never materialized.  Hit ‘Em In the Mouth is challenging that notion by having a real premier, and it’s right around the corner.  If you are in or near NYC GET ON THIS!

“Hit ‘Em In The Mouth”, a documentary exploring the culture of Seattle Bike Polo, the birthplace of the current polo craze, will enjoy a World Premiere, June 30, 2pm in NYC at Anthology Film Archives. We need your help to get as many people in the NYC area to come see our film.

The movie centers around the dominant figures of the scene, including the father of hardcourt bike polo Matt Messenger, the world champions Team Smile, and the up-and-coming players of the city. Their stories intertwine as we follow the drama through the National Championships and a battle with the city of Seattle for a permanent space to play.

“Hit ‘Em In The Mouth” Trailer from Matthew on Vimeo.

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Comprehensive airfare travel w/ bike matrix

June 12, 2012

The qualifying season may be winding down, but we all know that bike polo travel happens all year round. It seems the cheapest and/or most convenient way to travel to tournaments these days is flying, and since we couldn’t find an extensive list of airline bike policies, we figured we would make one for all of you guys! Please note that with the fluctuating economy these policies can change at any time so be sure to check the airlines website before booking your flight. If you have any updated information or information for an airline that we did not list, please feel free to let the poloverse know via the comment section!

Our top picks for US/Canada:

  • Southwest:  If you can break your bike down into two boxes that are less than 50 pounds and less than 62 linear inches then you will get your bike flown for free.
  • Frontier:  Only $20 to fly your bike and their flights are cheap as well. Just be sure to keep it under 50lbs!

Our top pick for Europe:

  • British Airways:  They will fly your bike for free as long as it’s less than 23kg!


Air Canada

  • $50 each way
  • No oversize charge applies to bicycles
  • Each bicycle counts as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type
  • Bicycles are accepted on a space available basis only and should be pre-registered at time of booking


  • $20 checked bag fee + $50 for the bicycle
  • No mention of overweight or oversized fees applying to bikes

Alaska Airlines

  • Must weigh less than 50lb and be less than 62 linear inches or charges will be applied
  • $20 for the checked bag, plus $50 if overweight and $50 if too big

American Airlines

  • If it is less than 50lb and less than 62 linear inches, then it’s only $25
  • If over 50lb and/or 62 linear inches, then $150
  • Maximum weight and size is 70lb and 126 inches

Delta Air Lines

  • $150 each way for a bicycle
  •  It cannot exceed 70lb and 115 linear inches

Frontier Airlines

  • $20 as long as it is under 50lb, otherwise there is a $75 additional fee
  • No oversize charges apply (there is a max. size of 109 linear inches)

JetBlue Airways

  • $50 for domestic flights each way and $80 international flights each way
  • Up to 99lb allotted for the bike
  • If less than 50lb and fewer than 62 linear inches than counts as a normal checked bag, and the first checked bag is free!

Porter Airlines

  • The first piece of checked luggage is free as long as it’s less than 23kg (50lb) and 62 linear inches
  • $5 for every kg over 23kg

Southwest Airlines

  • Two free checked bags under 50lb and 62 linear inches (so break your bike down to two boxes!)
  • $50 each way for overweight or oversized bags.

United Airlines

  • For travel between US, Canada, and Puerto Rico there is $100 charge; all other travel has a $200 charge.
  • If under 50lb and 62 linear inches, then normal checked bagged fees apply

US Airways

  • $200 each way for bicycles over 62 linear inches
  • If under 62 linear inches, then normal checked bagged fees apply

Virgin America/Atlantic

  • $50 each way for international flights if under 50lb
  • Add an additional $25 for domestic flights. This does not apply to first class passengers


Aer Lingus

  • There is a €40 charge for bikes on flights between Ireland, UK, and Europe. Add an additional €15 is charged if over 20kg
  • For flights to the USA, there is a free allowance as long as it is under 23kg, otherwise a €50 fee is applied

Air Berlin

  • If the bike is registered up to 48 hours before take-off of a flight in Europe, than a €50 charge is applied. If done at check in, then it is €100.
  • For flights to the USA, a €75 fee is charged if registered 48 hours before take-off. If done at check in, then the fee is €125


  • Checked bags are £30 as long as they are under 20kg in Economy class. An additional £30 will be charged if over between 20kg and 32kg.
  • For Business class, there is no charge is under 20kg, and £30 if between 20kg and 32kg.

British Airways

  • One free checked bag as long as it is under 23kg and less than 130 linear inches


  • There is a £25 fee for bikes up to 32kg

Iberia Group

  • At least one free checked bag if under 23kg and 62 linear inches, unless in Tourist Express class
  • There is a £75 fee if the bike exceeds these dimensions


  • For £40, you get up to 20kg and 108 linear inches of allowance. If over weight, it costs an additional £12 per kg


  • One free check bag up to 23kg, if it exceeds this than there is a €50 charge for continental flights and a €100 for intercontinental flights.


  • If declared when booking online, a €50 charge will be applied for up to 30kg. There is a €20 charge for everyone kg over 30, with a maximum weight of 32kg.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

  • One free bag checked bag if under 23kg and 62 linear inches, and only €30 if over (up to 32kg and 109 linear inches)
  • Fill out this form when booking your flight


  • One free bag that is under 50lbs and less than 62 linear inches
  • If it is over the free baggage limitations, then it will cost €50 for flights within Europe and €100 for intercontinental

Turkish Airlines

  • For European flights, there are unlimited free bags as long as each bag is no more than 20kg. There is a €30 charge if the limitations are exceeded.
  • For flights to and from the Americas, they allow 2 free checked bags as long as the bags don’t exceed 23kg and 62 linear inches. There is a €60 charge if the limitations are exceeded
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Fundraiser for Broadcasting N.A.s professionally.

May 3, 2012

This simply has to become the standard at big tournaments. A version of this was done at Ladies Army and the results were great.  This appears to be a bigger production than Ladies Army which is even better.

Long time Hardcourt videographer, Mr. Do, is heading this up and they are about a third of the way to their goal (as of posting this).  They are trying to raise about $900,  which seems super low to pull something like this off.  The fundraiser ends on June 1st, so please pass the word along about this fundraiser.  Better yet,  throw in a few dollars and share it on all the social media stuff you are on.  Imagine following live, professionally shot footage with no hiccups, and Machine commentating.  Count me in. Boom!  Please go to their fundraiser by clicking HERE!