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Help Produce Better MILK

May 31, 2013


MILK Bike Polo is looking for help from the Poloverse!

The company has a survey floating around the internet, in which they ask players which characteristics they prefer in their mallets. They plan to use the final data to help design future MILK products.

Please take 5 minutes and help one of the companies who are doing something right for our sport.

You can find MILK’s survey HERE!

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Bike Polo Hits the Tabloids

April 8, 2013


This story was brought to our attention thanks to our good friend Tucker Schwinn. While shamelessly looking through an Us Weekly (which he claims made its way into his home due to the previous tenants not forwarding their mail), Tucker found this gem of a photo. In a story about Adele’s secret wedding plans to boyfriend Simon Konecki, Us Weekly posted this photo from last July of Konecki wearing a bike polo t-shirt.

While there isn’t any mention of the t-shirt or bike in the article, we still feel it is some sort of step toward bike polo hitting the main stream. This is almost as good as seeing Sean Ingram (owner of Fixcraft) wearing a Chicago Bike Polo t-shirt at Krazy Fest in Louisville, KY back in 2011. Are celebrity endorsements the future of hardcourt bike polo? Probably not, but it is always fun to see bike polo pop up in none bike polo settings.

Hopefully someone from UK Bike Polo can give us some info on this t-shirt and maybe even tell us how the Drop4Drop charity CEO got his hands on a bike polo t-shirt.

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Worlds Moved to MKE

April 1, 2013


Back in February, Fort Lauderdale was awarded the chance to host WHBPC 2013 after a vote by clubs throughout North America decided a majority of polo players would rather not go to Milwaukee for another tournament. As new information has come to light, the NAH board decided it would veto the vote, for the good of the poloverse. At a press conference this morning, the board announced that the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships will be moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin due to sink holes in Fort Lauderdale’s plans. Due to an anonymous email sent to an undisclosed board member, it was discovered the Google Maps images of the perfect Florida courts were fake. After an investigation it was revealed that someone in Miami Bike Polo hacked the Google servers and planted images of a polo court utopia over suburban swamp lands.

No one from Fort Lauderdale or Miami bike polo was able to be reached for comment. Jake Newborn from MKE bike polo had this to say on the subject “I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO!” NAH Commissioner Ben Schultz said that NAH shares their deepest apologies to polo players all over the world for any confusion or problems this may cause. He also stated that MKE has already started organizing the tournament, with dates set for September 27th to the 29th.

We will keep you updated as any new information on the Great Florida Hoax comes to light.

For the most up to date information the new Worlds location, click HERE!

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2013 Australasian Champs

March 20, 2013

Logo800This past weekend, while most of us were struggling to follow Emerald City Open on Seattle Swiss, Podium saw 1000 viewers from 300 cities around the world tuning in. Most of these viewers were for the 2013 Australasian Hardcourt  Bike Polo Championships that were held in Timaru, New Zealand.aus

While most of the tournament took place in beautiful New Zealand sunny weather, toward the end of the tournament the heavens opened up and  it started to downpour. Out of the puddles arose Not A Single Fuck Was Given (simple NASFWG for short) as the 2013 Australasian Champions; this is their second year in a row winning the title.  While last year the team consisted of Scottie, Ned, and Prawi from Perth, this year Scottie and Ned picked up Stevie from Ireland/Melbourne to clinch the victory.

Second place went to Melbourne Anchor, who consisted of Damon, Anjia of Melbourne and Mat of London.
Third place went to Triple Dutch Rudders, who consisted of Dom, Ollie from Brisbane and Michie from Berlin.

For complete results check out Podium HERE and for more awesome photos check out Timaru Bike Polo’s pictures HERE!

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Fixcraft’s Team Swag

March 18, 2013


With bike polo companies sponsoring teams, we are seeing more and more team swag for sale outside of tournaments. Fixcraft is leading the way in sponsored team gear, bringing us swag from Guardians and The Means (hopefully we will be seeing items from The Breaknecks and The Assassins soon). In their web store, you can not only find shirts from both teams, but coffee mugs as well. Putting the teams ahead of their company, Fixcraft is giving the profits from the swag to the teams. So pick something up and help these world class polo teams travel to tournaments this year!

Pick up something from the Guardians here: COFFEE! SHIRTS!
Pick up something from The Means here: COFFEE! SHIRTS!