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Non-Bike Polo Gifts Made By Bike Polo Players

December 14, 2015
open hand leather goods

When bike polo is your life, it’s hard to wrap your brain around thinking about anything else. Even at the holiday season you’re brain jumps to which new bike polo bag to get, which new mallet head to try out, or which bike polo frame your going to buy with all of the money from your grandparents. With polo on the brain it can be hard to think about what to get those loved ones in our lives that don’t give a darn about the silly sport. For that, we are creating a list of awesome presents to buy now and will (hopefully) be here by Christmas. (note: sorry I didn’t get this out before Hanukkah.)

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WHBPC VIII Wildcard Matchmaker

November 13, 2015
whbpc viii

Any singles looking for a couple others to go to with them to the big dance? Timaru Bike Polo is making it easy to match up single players looking to play in the wildcard at the 8th annual Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. All you have to do is put your info on this GOOGLE DOC and then let the match making happen. So don’t let the lack of a team prevent you from going on the best hardcourt bike polo vacation of your life.

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Looking For A Ladies Army Team?

March 19, 2015
ladies army sam bennet

If you’re still on the hunt for a slay-tastic team to take to Ladies Army 7, then we have an important resource for you! The organizers of Ladies Army 7 have set up a sign up sheet where as they call them, loose cannons, can find their perfect matches. If you would classify yourself as a loose cannon, then head to their sign up HERE!

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Bike Polo 101: Tripod

February 12, 2015
bike polo 101

Sydney Bike Polo club started a YouTube channel called Bike Polo 101. The channel looks to provide hints, tips, and tricks for beginner hardcourt bike polo players. This will be a great source for any new member of your club to understand and learn some basics. We will be sure to share the videos as they are released so keep checking in for more. The first video that they posted was on the Tripod:   Continue Reading…