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Help Support The Association of Bike Polo Journalists

September 21, 2014
ABPJ Shirt

The Association of Bike Polo Journalists is a very serious organization comprised of Matt Kabik of Lancaster Polo and myself, Aaron Hand. Between us, try to encompass the heart, body, and soul of hardcourt bike polo journalism in North America. We put numerous hours each week into articles, stories, research, and the alike, at the behest of our wives/girlfriends and our free time, with little to no compensation. Basically, we keep the sites going because we love what we do, and we want you all to be as passionate about the sport as we are.

Unfortunately, passion and love don’t help pay the necessary bills to keep sites like these going. That is why Matt Kabik and I decided that selling t-shirts would be a great way to help raise funds for our sites, and allow our supporters to walk away with some kick-ass clothing. Thanks to the the support of One to One Print Shop and Paulette à Roulettes, we were able to make this all happen.

Caro Paulette (the mastermind behind Paulette à Roulettes) was gracious enough to donate the awesome picture of Luca Semeraro (now of Call Me Daddy) and Marc Sich (Editor of Steel Magazine) strong-arming each other for the image on the back of the shirt, and One to One Print Shop will be donating the shirts and printing them as well.

We will be offering the “Heavy Hitters in Hardcourt News” design as a t-shirts for only $20 +shipping and as a crewneck sweatshirt for $35 +shipping. You can find both designs HERE!

Thank you fro your support of both 3-2-1 Polo!  and Lancaster Polo, and thank you for your purchase. We both really appreciate your help in keeping our sites alive.


DU/ER Performance Denim Kickstarter Project

September 18, 2014
du er performance denim

Steven Sal Debus, the genius behind Modifide Bike Polo Equipment and one of the sparks behind RYB Denim, recently uprooted himself from Toronto and found new soil in Vancouver, B.C. With the success of RYB Denim, Steven was hit up by a clothing designer with over 25 years of experience to help produce the best performance jean on the market. The result is DU/ER Performance Denim. To help get these new jeans onto the market, Steven and his partner Gary set up a Kickstarter page to help make the most technically advanced jean a reality. You can find the Kickstarter page HERE! Here is the video that the two put out to accompany the DU/ER Performance Denim jeans.

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New & Improved Kings Crown

September 8, 2014
kings crown milwaukee bicycle co

Some how this new version of the Milwaukee Bicycle Co. slipped under my radar. It now comes with 10mm wrench slots that allow for easier removal (which was the biggest difficulty of the old model) and is made of 7075 aluminum. On top of this, Milwaukee is offering titanium bolts so one will be all you need! Find more info HERE!


Fixcraft Friday Returns Tomorrow

September 4, 2014
dzr guardians fixcraft friday

Fixcraft Friday returns tomorrow with more amazing deals on everyone’s favorite polo equipment. Buy a pair of DZR Marcos and get a FREE Guardians head. I’m sure there will be other unbeatable deals too. Starts at midnight so don’t miss out! Start browsing the Fixcraft Store now!