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Mamba X Gets a Facelift

June 19, 2013


Last October I wrote a review of the Mamba X shoes by DZR (you can find that review HERE). At the time, the shoes had gone through four months of pick up twice a week, as well as four different tournaments and they help up very well. I didn’t experience the problem with the outer sole like I had seen on other pairs of the shoes. How quickly things changed though. About a month after the review was posted, the glue on both soles started to come undone. To save the shoes, I took them to a local shoe repair shop and had them re-glued.

Jump to today, one year after receiving the shoes, and the story has changed 10014_4931296242448_1225402707_ndrastically. The re-glue job on the left shoe has held pretty well, but the right shoe is another story. All of the layers of the sole have come apart, and they are barely wearable. One hop while clipped in could result in sole ripping off completely. I brought this problem up to Brian Dillman at DZR, he informed me that the company was well aware of the problem and had actually already fixed it!

The reason it was happening was because the vegan glue used on the Mamba X couldn’t hold up in a high octane atmosphere, like on a bike polo court. DZR wanted to keep the Mamba X a vegan shoe so changing the glue was out of the question; instead they simply added a stitch around the outer sole. This is such an easy solution to a major problem, and we are glad to see DZR facing the problem head on and fixing it. It’s always great when independent companies recognize problems in their products and fix them, instead of putting the blame elsewhere. Kudos DZR!

If you moral beliefs guide your shoe shopping or you just want to support an awesome company who does things right, then head over to DZR’s website and pick up a pair of the new Mamba X shoes. Be sure to tell them 321Polo sent you!

We will be posting a review in the coming months.



Electric Salmon 2.0

June 14, 2013


After months of manufacturer troubles, the new and improved Electric Salmon head by Portland Bike Polo in now available! Still one of the lightest heads on the market in North American, the heads weighs in around 78g. While the weight stayed the same on the new version of the head, the insides got a whole new make over!

To keep the heads from unscrewing from the shaft, Portland added an 1/8″ center ridge. Similar to MILK heads or the new Fixcleat, all you have to do to mount these heads is file out a small 1/8″ slit from the end of the shaft, fit the inner ridge into the slit, add the screw from the bottom, and you’re ready to get weird all over the court! Also new on these heads is a thicker edge where the natural cap meets the cylinder of the head. This allows for more wear on the head before having to move onto the next one. Check out the diagram at the bottom of the page for a nice cross section view of the head.

For only $25 you can cast your lures and catch one of these Electric Salmons. Head on over to the Portland Bike Polo website for more info!



The Sexy Victoire HBP Frame

June 13, 2013


Strutting out of Clermont, France, Victoire Cycles recently debuted their new HBP frame. While not having the most clever name (HBP being an acronym for Hardcourt Bike Polo), the sleek design surely makes up for it. The HBP was carefully designed over a two year period with the help of bike polo world champion Greg, from Call Me Daddy. Using Columbus 4130 tubing, this frame has “…oversized chainstays,  big curved chainstays and fully machined 3D dropouts to provide a really strong and rigid rear end in order to endure hops…”  Coming in three different sizes, these 700c TIG welded bike polo frames can be yours for only € 500.

Visit their website and order one of these beauties today! While you’re there, check out their 48h front hubs.






MKE’s Largemouth Can Now Be Yours!

June 7, 2013


Two weeks ago we gave you all a preview of Milwaukee Bicycle Company’s new Largemouth Monohead (you can find that review HERE); well now these heads are finally available to the public. This is the perfect head for the ball slingers in all of us. For only $22.99, you too can learn all of the scoop tricks that your friends are doing!

Pick one up, you won’t be disappointed by its hard hits and ball handling capabilities!

Visit the Ben’s Cycle store to grab some today!


Fixcraft Fridays

June 6, 2013

It’s that special time of the month again! Fixcraft Fridays starts tonight at 12am central standard time. I guess TECHNICALLY 12am would be considered tomorrow and not tonight. Whichever way you like to look at it, 12am cst Friday June 7th, Fixcraft will have a treat for us all!

Starting last month , Fixcraft Fridays are a one day super savers deal held on the first Friday of every month.

While Fixcraft doesn’t announce the specifications of the deal until midnight, they have been dropping several hints via Facebook and Twitter. It seems that this months deal will involve the new Fixcleat. After months and months of waiting, it seems that Fixcraft is finally ready to drop it on us!

Stay up late, wake up early; whatever it takes to not miss out on this deal!