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Quoc Pham Hardcourt Shoe Now Online

October 16, 2014
quoc pham hardcourt

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a pair of Quoc Pham‘s bike polo specific shoes, called the Hardcourt, ever since Urban Velo reported on them from Eurobike 2013. A few months ago I found myself on the Quoc Pham website hoping to see if the shoes ever came to fruition. I was disappointed to find out that they were nowhere to be found, and came to the conclusion that the Eurobike preview was as far as the shoes made it. And then, in a lazy day off earlier this week, I found myself browsing the Mission Workshop website, and BOOM! The Hardcourt is there and for sale!

For only $199, these beautifully designed shoes can give you extra style points while on the court. Use this link HERE to pick up a pair for yourself. Hopefully these are as functional as they are fashionable, because I’d love to get these on my feet!


Lightfoot Debuts Mallet Heads

October 12, 2014
lightfoot mallet heads

As Lightfoot quickly becomes a household name in the polo world because of their amazing framesets, they decide to bring some mallet heads to the table. At a slender 78 grams, these heads are bound to be a smash in the coming season! Find more info over at the Lightfoot website, HERE!


SingleBe 5-0 Bike Polo Frameset

October 5, 2014
single be

About a year and a half ago, Dany Majard showed off his custom 5-0 frame by SingleBe for our Bike Check series. With the huge praise that SingleBe gained for the work on Dany’s bike, they decided to do a full run of 26″ 5-0 framesets. At only €450+shipping for these awesome hand-built frames, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of these popping up on courts in 2015.

To pick one up, hit up Dany Majard via Facebook or head over to the SingleBe website!


Chunk Bike Polo’s AW2014 Collection

October 2, 2014
chunk bike polo aw2014 track jacket

As the nights become a little longer and the days a little shorter, the temperature slowly creeps it’s way closer and closer towards zero. This is the mark of the beginning of Fall/Autumn, my favorite time of year. It’s time for pumpkin flavored everything, changing flora colors, and layers upon layers of clothes. Thanks to Chunk Bike Polo, you can sport bike polo on every layer that you’re wearing: t-shirts, long sleeves, jackets, and even pants.

Check out Chunk Bike Polo‘s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection featuring the super sleek TRACK JACKET seen above!