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Northern Stardard Sale!

March 14, 2013

Northern Standard has a sale going on right now.
Gloves for only $54!
Three pack of shafts for only $40!

Pick something up HERE before the sale is over.

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Magic Emeralds

March 6, 2013

At 321Polo, we like to thoroughly test out products that are sent to us before writing reviews. We like to play a couple months of pickup and, if we can help it,IMAG0647 a tournament using the new equipment before we feel comfortable enough to write up an official review. Sometimes we play a little too long on the equipment, as was the case with Magic Bike Polo’s Emerald head.

Magic Bike Polo was kind enough to send over what is now their version 1 Emerald head. We played on it for a couple months, took it to a couple friendlies and as we were getting ready to write the review…BAM! Magic Bike Polo comes out with their new and improved version 2 Emerald head.

IMAG0642For the version 1 Emerald, we were going to talk about how we had trouble mounting the head with the normal coupler nut system because the head’s wall is so thin that tightening it down caused the shaft to bubble out the head at the connection point. This was the only complaint we had about the head. Our solution was to use the Milwaukee Crown nut, which fixed the problem perfectly. Magic’s solution was to add a thicker middle section for extra support.

Waiting a little too long allowed Magic to fix the problem before we could even bring it up. Not only did they fix this problem, they improved the head in areas that we didn’t even see as having problems. Magic added curved inside corners for a stronger capped end. This will add force behind shots that were already powerful.

We are incredibly excited for the release of the Version 2 Emerald head. The new 92-gram head is available now through Magic’s online store. Check them out and tell us what you think!



Bike Polo Gets a Dutch Flavor

February 19, 2013

Polo bike by TontaDon’t worry, Tonta Cycles is already on the map of bike polo companies.

With polo-specific frames already produced, Tonta expects to have them available for players to test ride at a March tournament in Bremen, Germany and Mozart Played Polo in April. Complete bikes will retail for €866.50 ($1,159.20). Tonta isn’t stopping at bikes. A brake-coupler system is being tested with hopes that’ll cost no more than €15.

Before Tonta started to offer bike polo-specific hardware, there was Bike Polo Gear (BPG). A fellow named Ewould told us about BPG’s history in making mallet shafts and heads. BPG originated to help a Dutch bike polo player pay for and graduate from a university. He did indeed graduate, but by that time the mallet market was tapped by…well, quite a few companies.

Ewould recognized that companies like Magic and Milk were successful in marketing their product so he refocused his efforts. Instead of working toward mallet production, he thought it’d be best to team up with Tonta and get a bike polo frameset produced.

Bicycle brake coupler“Helping Tonta takes all the stress out of the game while still being able to follow polo dreams,” Ewould told us.

Much like so many North American bike polo players, Ewould runs a print shop (the site is in Dutch) and has an interest in printing shirts for bike polo. He also contributed to thesis research, which consisted of questionnaire with about 50 questions and about 180 respondents.

Ewould’s thinking he could team up with 321POLO and conduct a little more research, assuming our readers would be interested.

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Polo Company List

February 5, 2013

To the top of the page, we decided to add a new COMPANIES tab which allows you to easily find links and locations of bike polo companies around the world. We have a fairly comprehensive list so far, but we would love the list to be 100% accurate. Comment on here or shoot us an email with more information on companies that we have missed!

For the full list, check out the Google Maps page HERE!


MILK’s Soft Shaft

January 30, 2013

I know, I know…penis and mallet shaft jokes are too easy but at 25-years-old, I still can’t help myself!


Shortly after celebrating their first birthday, MILK announced the newest product in their polo arsenal. They now will carrier a lighter, thinner-walled shaft. Their original shaft had a 1.15mm wall and weighed 150g (with the mounting system). The new shaft, simply called Light, has a 0.9mm wall and weighs only 120g (with the mounting system). Both European forged shafts are made out of 7075 Aluminum and will have anodized versions available in the near future. For more information or to pick one up, head over to the MILK Bike Polo website!