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MKE’s Small Mouth

April 18, 2013


If you were asked to describe Milwaukee Bike Polo Club, the phrase “small mouth” would probably never even register in your radar. That is, until now!

Milwakuee Bicycle Company, in association with Ben’s Cycle, released their new Small Mouth Monohead today. Weighing in at only 83 grams, this head has promise to take over the UHMW market. Through many trial and test periods, MBCo managed to keep their head light but also include everything to make your head go the distance.

Even with the light weight, this head still measures out to be 5″ long and has a 2.5″ outer diameter on the business end for hard hitting shots. They were also able to add a center rib to prevent pull-through of the shaft and maintain longevity. Pull-through shouldn’t be a problem anyway, since you should order a MBCo crown nut with your head; those things are the best polo specific item in the market!

Not only are these among the lightest heads in the market, they are also among the cheapest! For only $20.99 + shipping you can own one for yourself.

Order one over on Ben’s Cycle website and change your polo game for the good!


No BS from Velocity

April 10, 2013

4420NoBS Detail 800

For the 26″ polo players, there was a scare last year when it was announced that the Salsa Gordo would be discontinued. There was no match for this tough affordable 48 hole rim, that many had grown to depend on. That is, there was no match until rumors slowly started spreading about Velocity coming out with a stiff polo rim that would outdo the Gordo. After months of waiting, Velocity turned these rumors into reality.nobs

Last week Velocity introduced the poloverse to NoBS, as they appropriately called the new rim. They offer the NoBS in both 26″ and 700c, with 32, 36, and 48 hole options in each. The 26″ rims come in around 560 grams, while the 700c option is roughly 620 grams. While the NoBS rims are light weight, they still offer excellent dent protection due to their extra thick sidewalls and internal reinforcements. Velocity also put a 15% thicker spoke bed on the NoBS so that you can lace the rim at a super high tension. The rims come without machined side walls, and Matt from Velocity had this to say about it:

These work really well with rim brakes. The finish is raw aluminum, and the only reason we typically machine a sidewall is to remove the anodizing or powder coat from the surface, leaving behind raw aluminum. A lot of rim manufacturers use a design with loose extrusion tolerances to make rims with non machined sidewalls, since they can make them cheaper and faster. We’re not that ‘sophisticated’ and make everything to identical tolerances. So, that’s all to say that the sidewalls here are flat and grabby. Once a tire is inflated, it can change the orientation of the sidewall a bit, so you may need to touch the sidewall at the join with emery cloth to smooth down a tick if it develops…this happens with machined sidewall rims also.

I know 321Polo is very excited to roll around on these new rims and we hope to get our hands on them sometime in the near future! If you are interested in trying them out, you can pick a rim up for only $59.99 from the Velocity Store or at your local bike shop. You can also pick up a complete wheelset in a few different build options HERE!



MILK Trims the Fat

April 9, 2013


Released this week to the MILK arsenal are two reworks of familiar heads. MILK took their Simple and Ninja heads and decided to slim them down. They did this by cutting holes in the naturally capped end of each head. The holes are small enough to still give that capped-end power behind a shot but big enough to save several grams. The Simple Hollow Cap head, as it is called, weighs in at 85 grams, while the new Ninja Hollow Cap head weighs in at only 75 grams. Both hollow capped heads shave 5 grams, as compared to their naturally capped predecessors.

To get some head, hit up the MILK webstore HERE!

We are curious how much power will be lost behind each shot. When someone gets to play with one, please give us some information. Or, if anyone knows something about physics, please shed some light on the science behind this!


Arena Alchemy Head Review

April 3, 2013

Gone are the days when you had to install a cap if you wanted a closed end on your mallet head.

Chris at Arena Bike Polo originally sold a white UHMW head on which he installed a cap for you. It was convenient, but it quickly became archaic as naturally-capped heads burst into the market. When Chris first told us about his design for a naturally-capped head, I didn’t think much of it. I’d bought Fixcraft Unibody heads and been super pleased with their performance. But then Chris told us the Alchemy already came cut at 5 inches. And it had pilot holes for two rotations. And it satisfied my personal criterion of being black.Alchemy head


I just had to try out this 90-gram delight. It did not disappoint. Like I said, much of the work is done for you. I didn’t have to get out a miter box and fail as I usually do at cutting a clean, crisp edge to the open-ended side. I didn’t have to get angry that I don’t own a drill press and then try to line up holes so the head is at a perfect 90-degree angle to the shaft. I just had to use my drill to open up the pilot holes a bit.

Call me lazy, but I am a consumer. For convenience, I’ll shell out a few more bucks. Speaking of which, the Alchemy led me to another purchase. When I first tried to mount the Alchemy with the drop nut system, it started to bubble after a 30-minute practice session. As you can see in the cross-section, the wall of the head is super thin. So I bought a Milwaukee shaft and King’s Crown to avoid the bubble.

The Alchemy secured to the MKE shaft made for a superbly lightweight mallet. Despite having a thin wall, the Alchemy tolerates “weight holes” being drilled into it. This is yet another plus. My Alchemy has not lost any rigidity or shape because of the holes I’ve drilled. There’s something to be said about using recycled UHMW to make the Alchemy, too. It’s not something I deem necessary for my polo gear, but it’s cool that Chris found a viable way to reuse UHMW. He said you might be able to see gray specks in your head and that’s fine with me.

I’d like to add more Alchemy heads to my arsenal. They play just as well as they look.

Alchemy headArena AlchemyAlchemy capAlchemy open end


The Standard Hourglass

March 27, 2013


Apparently, cylinders are no longer good enough for the polo mallet head. First Modifide came out with the Arc and now Northern Standard released their own head with lady lumps. Many feel these new heads are America’s version of the Euro Cheater mallet, but we, for one, are still interested in seeing how they play!

The Northern Standard hourglass head weighs in at 96g with a length of 5″. It has an outer diameter of 2.5″ with an inner diameter of 2.125″, and it can be yours for only $28 CAD plus shipping. The more you order the cheaper the heads are and the less shipping will cost. Hit up the Northern Standard website and pick one up to try out!

newheads2_grande  newheads3_grande