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$20.99CAD Goodhead Sale

January 14, 2016
bike polo goodhead manufacturing

Goodhead Manufacturing out of Winnipeg, MB has an amazing deal going on right now with their entire hardcourt bike polo mallet head selection. Right now you can have a Goodhead mallet head shipped to your door for only $20.99 CAD. If you live in the USA, as of right now, that is converts to less than $15 USD! That is an amazing deal for a great mallet head. Take advantage of the deal by heading HERE!


Dodici Cicli Team Deal

January 12, 2016
dodici polo club

If your hardcourt bike polo team in trying to look extra pro this session, you might as well take advantage of Dodici Cicli‘s brand new team deal. You can snag three of their brand new PCII framesets for a total of €900! So grab some friends, grab some teammates, or just stock pile some bike polo framesets for yourself, and take advantage of this killer deal. More info on the deal HERE!


Pick Up A Mosquito Head From Fixcraft

December 17, 2015

The brand new Mosquito V2 unibody hardcourt bike polo that we previewed for you a couple weeks back is now live on the Fixcraft webstore. These dark as the night Mosquito heads come in at a 130mm length and weigh only 86 grams. The Mosquito New (as I like to calle the head) has a 65mm outer diameter, with a textured hitting surface on one end and a chamfer open end on the other. This head is guarantteed to be different than anything you’ve used on the court before. Pick one up for only $27.99 HERE!

Art, Culture, Product

Bike Polo Cross Stitches

December 8, 2015
rule 1

Portland Bike Polo’s own legend, Mehgan Murphy, a.k.a The Fabulous Moolah, has been making amazing hardcourt bike polo cross stitches for many years now. They were awards at bike polo tournaments and the most sought after gifts at PBP White Elephant Holiday parties, and now you can pick one up for yourself! With the help of Heckler’s Alley, you can pick up three different Mehgan Murphy cross stitches. The ever famous Rule #1: Don’t Be A Dick, the classic Zero Fucks Given, and for the nihilist at heart, Who Gives A Shit? There are only 3 of each so act quick; pick one or three up HERE!

Equipment, Product

Dodici Cicli Polo Club II Frame

December 6, 2015

Dodici Cicli released their an updated version of their Polo Club frame over weekend, and these things are pieces of art. Coming in both 26″ and 700, the Polo Club II is the only polo frame to forgo paint or powder coat, and instead add some shine to their frames. They come in both a shinny chrome look called Oil Slick, and a rainbow of colors called Jet Fuel.

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