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Guardians V2 Head Now In Stock

June 8, 2015
guardians head

Guardian’s heads are BACK! Not only are they back in stock at the Fixcraft webstore, but they got some updates for the 2015 polo season. The green heads still have the smaller 2.375″ outer diameter that the V1 head had, and they also still come in the signature Guardian green color, but the V2 model now has a lip that makes scooping the ball a whole lot easier. Coming in at ~75 grams, you can pick up these heads for $27.99 HERE!

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Win Pro Deal for Your Club From Heckler’s Alley

June 8, 2015
heckler's alley

If you were glued to the Mr. Do Video live stream (thank you so much to Do, Jenn, Machine, and everyone else that made the live stream happen) this past weekend during the Ladies Army 7 hardcourt bike polo tournament, then chances are that you saw the Heckler’s Alley commercial pop up a time or two. In case you decided to take a pee break during those commericals, let me tell you about the super sweet contest that Heckler’s Alley advertised during that commercial.

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Buy Pussy Punch Merch!

May 25, 2015
pussy punch

If you’re unfamiliar, Pussy Punch is a slayer bike polo team made up of Kayla Story ATX, Bobbi Rogers ATX, and Kirsten White TO. To help fund their trip to San Francisco to destroy Ladies Army 7, Pussy Punch are selling some dope tank tops. They come in the heather grey that you see above, as well as a teal. If you’re interested in helping these three make it to the tournament, hit up Kayla Story HERE to get a tank top for yourself!


Arena Carbon Capped Head

May 13, 2015
creamy carbon head

Here on the west coast, few of these prototype Arena Bike Polo heads have been popping up at the fun tournaments. In a way they a throw back to the days of Eighthinch and Rad Caps, but with a lightweight modern twist. The carbon cap is attached¬†to the UHMW head using small screws. I’m not sure when, let alone IF, these will go onto the market, but I love bike hardcourt bike polo innovation so I had to share!