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Fixcraft Sunglasses & Strap

September 10, 2015

It’s too early for us to name the hardcourt bike polo product of the year, but I have a feeling that these Croakie style Fixcraft sunglasses straps are going to top my list. That isn’t saying that there aren’t great bike polo products out these year, that is just me being stoked to pick up one of these! Paired with the also brand new Fixcraft sunglasses you’ll be living spring break forever. SPRING BREAK! You can pick them both up at the Fixcraft shop, HERE.


3-2-1 Polo! Presents: The Hardcourt Bike Polo Flag

August 26, 2015

Coming from a hardcore background, I’ve been stoked on the idea of doing a hardcourt bike polo flag for a long time. After scrounging up all the pennies I had, I contacted Liam Gilson (known for taking some of the most incredible photos in all of bike polo) for permission to use one of said photos. I then took that photo too my good buddy Jeremy Haas (of Pinch Flat MFG fame) to turn it into a great graphic. With graphic in hand, I contact Sean Ingram of Blue Collar Press (or you might know him from Fixcraft) to help turn it into a 3 dimensional object that people would be proud to hang on their wall. Without those three these would not be possible, so I just want to thank them for the help!

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Heckler’s Alley Fixcraft Head Sale

August 18, 2015
hecklers alley

Heckler’s Alley is offering a huge sale this week on their Fixcraft head collection. If you go to the Heckler’s Alley website to pick up a Tournament Ultralite, Ultralite Pick Up, Unibody Classic, Guardian’s V2, or The Means’ Mirage head, you will save 15% off of each one in your cart. Keep in mind that Fixcraft is SOLD OUT of the Mirage head, so pick one up there, at a discounted rate! Make sure you’re prepared for NAs next month, stock up now at Heckler’s Alley and save big!


Enforcer 2.0 Pre-Order Now Live!

August 5, 2015

We are happy to finally announce that the V2 Enforcer bike polo frameset is on it’s way to us. That means we can open up a pre-order on these dope Hand designed/handmade framesets so that we can get these things out as soon as they land in Portland. A huge thank you to our best buds at Heckler’s Alley for allow us to sell the framesets on their website. We are also happy to announce that we are now offering shipping WORLDWIDE! For $480 you can get an Enforcer bike polo frameset on your door step in the USA, $520 in Canada, and the only $550 for the rest of the world. We’ve seen these bad boys blow up in the USA and we are so happy to now be able to easily offer them to other countries. Head over to the Heckler’s Alley website now to pick up your own Enforcer bike polo frameset before they sell out! They should be shipping out in less than two weeks, don’t miss out.