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VANDALrgz Lives Bike Polo

July 30, 2014
VANDAL rgz bike polo clothing

VANDAL rgz bike polo clothing

Making their major debut this year at the 2014 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, VANDALrgz is a turning bike polo from a sport into a lifestyle. Co-headed by Malakai Edison and Spencer Sward of Scary Larry Bike Polo out of Lawrence, KS, VANDALrgz is the first hardcourt bike polo inspired clothing brand to come out of North America.

They are currently slinging super dope 5-panel hats, bucket hats, beanies, t-shirts, hoodies, bandanas, and their signature “I LIVE BIKE POLO” wristbands. If you know the legend that is Malakai Edison, then you know that all of these items are anything but dull. They are vibrant, colorful, and full of life, just like the sport that we have all grown to obsess over.

I know I LIVE BIKE POLO and chances are all of you do to, so support the brand and the sport by picking up a piece of VANDALrgz gear.

You can find the full VANDALrgz store HERE!


NA’s one stop polo shop!

July 28, 2014
hecklers alley

hecklers alley


Have you ever thought “Dang, I could really use a Northern Standard shaft, a Magic Bike Polo head, and a Fixcraft connect right now.” Before today, you would have to, first, travel back in time to pick up a Northern Standard shaft (R.I.P), and second, spend a lot of money on shipping from three separate websites. Thanks to Hecklers Alley, you know have a one stop polo equipment shop!

Headed up by two of Eugene, Oregon’s greatest dudes (Jordan Bailey and Greg Doctolero), the owners of Hecklers Alley want to make polo shopping easy for you. Currently, their inventory includes products from:

In talking to Jordan Bailey, his hopes is to one day in the near future have everything you’d a future or present bike polo player would need to get on the court. Here is his official press release for the opening of Hecklers Alley:

           With over 20 companies making bike polo specific equipment and a growing market with over 2 new clubs a week registering at, is proud to announce the opening of the only bike polo specific store on Monday, July 28th.

Hardcourt bike polo is an intense sport that requires its own specified equipment.  The sport started out on retro-fitted fixed-gear bikes and ski-pole and ABS mallets to a game with custom geometry frames, highly-engineered mallets and disc brakes requiring protection from colliding bikes and hard shots.’s mission is to grow the sport of bike polo by making it easy for players to get the products that they need.  Come opening day, they will have a wide variety of shafts, heads and connector systems for mallet making, balls, top-tube protectors, nard guards and a selection of disc rotor guards for players to choose from.  The ultimate goal is for a new player to get everything they need, from bike to protection, at the website.

By retaining the heckling spirit of players waiting to play, the website will provide reviews and descriptions of the products they are selling.  That same tone will also give visitors news and opinions on its blog.

If you’ve ever been interested in giving bike polo a try, is a great start for getting the gear necessary to slay with the finest.

Be sure to add Hecklers Alley to your favorites tab so that you can stay up-to-date with the growth of bike polo’s very own store. Be sure to also LIKE them on Facebook using this LINK.


The Means Have Socks?

June 17, 2014
the means socks king fixcraft

the means socks king fixcraft

My favorite thing about the bike polo team The Means, is that they are so much more than just a bike polo team. Over the past year and half, or so, The Means have turned what was just a bike polo team name into a brand. And oh have they branded themselves so well! You see The Means stickers blasting all over just about every city that has bike polo in it. And if you don’t see a sticker somewhere in that city, then chances are that there is a The Means hoodie or t-shirt on someones back in that town. These guys know how to be seen. If you follow them on Facebook or Instagram, then you know how much work they put into making sure their name is everywhere.

The latest endeavor that The Means have taken to expand their brand is some super dope athletic socks. The Means teamed up with their sponsor Fixcraft to release these knee high socks that come in both black with grey and purple with green. On top of that, the socks are made with 75% moisture wicking material so you know they will be perfect for the polo court. At only $14.99, why not support a team that is taking bike polo to the next level!



New Bike Polo Gloves Coming Soon

June 16, 2014
bike polo gloves fixcraft

bike polo gloves fixcraft

Thanks to Fixcraft, the glove that many of you have grown to know and love will soon become available in bigger sizes. Fixcraft took the standard Franklin STX Comp gloves and made them bigger and better. According to their Instagram post, the new gloves will contain a higher quality micro fiber palm for more durability and longer life. So get ready all you average sized hand polo players, these things are expected to be out this fall!

To stay up to date with more of Fixcraft’s sneak peeks, be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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Black Star Bags LA6 Sneak Peek

June 7, 2014
Ladies Army 6 Top Tube Pads

Ladies Army 6 Top Tube Pads

This morning Black Star Bags gave us a sneak peek of the top tube pad mallet holders they they donated to Ladies Army 6. The top tube pads, as you can see, feature the snake design seen on the Ladies Army 6 tournament poster. You can tell that Black Star put a lot of thought and care into making these; those guys continue to amaze us with their graphic design work!  I wish I could play in the tournament so that my team could walk about with them. I hear rumors of them donating some to the 2014 NAHBPC this year, so maybe I’ll have a chance to win some there.

If you like them as much as us and don’t want to wait to buy them, then head to the Black Star Bags website and pick up one for yourself, or three for your whole team!