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And The PoloPack Winner Is…

April 17, 2014
PoloPack Winner

Thank you all for participating in this contest, and thank you all even more for supporting us and Black Star Bags! A huge shout out to Black Star Bags for helping us out with this contest. If you are not lucky enough to be the winner, be sure to hit them up and pick up your own today. They are officially for sale NOW, starting at only $210. Hit up to pick one up!

Anyway, here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! After two days of Swiss rounds and double elimination bracket on the third day, the winner of the win-it-before-you-can-buy-it PoloPack from Black Star Bags is…


Alias Seiichi Tagami of Washington, DC!
PoloPack WinnerCongratulations Alias!

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Win a Black Star Bags Polo Pack!

April 2, 2014
Black Star 321 Polo Contest

Black Star 321 Polo Contest

For nearly a month now we have been posting teaser pictures on Instagram of the first hardcourt bike polo specific equipment bag coming from Black Star Bags. Now, just a week before the Polo Pack’s official release, we are proud to team up with Black Star Bags to allow one lucky winner the opportunity to own it before anyone can buy it!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is three small things:

  1. Head over to our Facebook page and give it a ‘like’.
  2. Share our Facebook post of the above photo.
  3. Go to Black Star Bags’ Facebook page and give them a like

If and only if you complete these three steps before 11:59 pm on April 16, 2014 then you could be a winner! This contest is open to hardcourt polo players worldwide, BUT sadly we will only be able to offer free shipping to players in the lower 48 states in the USA. So, if you live outside of the lower 48 and enter the contest, then you are entering an agreement to pay shipping to get the bag to your foreign doorstep.

Interested in the contest and want to learn some more about the Polo Pack? Here are some of it’s features!

  • Mallet holsters on both the left and right side that easily hold 2 mallets each.
  • Exterior mesh with bungee to hold your smellables (gloves and shoes, pee-yew! ).
  • Interior ball pocket that can fit balls for all weather conditions.
  • Large water bottle pocket for long hot days.
  • Exterior easy access U-Lock holster.
  • Carabiner fence attachment that keeps your bag accessible.
  • Interior personables pocket with “stash” slot.
  • 1000 denier Cordura nylon exterior.
  • Heavy duty VCP floating interior.
  • Custom contoured dual-foam strap system
  • Compression straps
  • Black Star’s shooting star designed back foam.
  • Blinky light clip and Reflective patch. Safety first!
  • Expandable flap straps for those long weekenders.

BOOM! Soon you are going to see this bag everywhere, so be one of the first to own the Polo Pack by Black Star Bags.

Polo Pack Black Star 1  Polo Pack Black Star 3  Polo Pack Black Star 2


Canadian Goon Guard

March 3, 2014
Goon Guard

Goon Guard

Let’s face it, v-brakes are out and disc brakes are in.

With players taking the sport more and more seriously, there is no room for taking time off, especially for weather. We all know God Hates Bike Polo, so if you want to show off all 100% of your skills at a tournament, you have to run disc brakes. You wont be able to find yourself in a tournament final if the clouds start pissing downward and you’re running anything but disc brakes.

While disc brakes can be a literal life saver in poor weather conditions, they do come with one huge set back: the rotor. Until the day comes when humans can make a rotor that is lightweight and indestructible, we are stuck adding a guard to our forks to protect our rotors.

The newest guard on the market comes to us from a Canuck known for being a beast on the team Big Country. Henry Norris has been a metal fabricator for the last five years at Pyramid Metal Works, and after not feeling satisfied with the current guards on the market, decided to put his skills to good use. From his skills, we now have the Goon Guard.

These corrosive resistant stainless steel guards will be laser cut for precision and TIG welded for strength. Norris told us that the Goon Guard was designed in such a way that “in the event of a large impact it will bend before it transmits the force of that impact to your disc tab and fork.” After the guard absorbs the impact, it can easily be realigned. This can happen many times without it affecting the strength of the metal.

This guard will only run you $65! If you’re interested in picking up a Goon Guard, or if you have any more questions about it, hit up Henry Norris via email at To stay up to date with the progress of the Goon Guard, follow @pyramidmetalworks on Instagram.

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Review: DZR Link Lime

January 17, 2014

Last year was hard for me and shoes, which I’m blaming on just getting too rad. In March, I came back from New Zealand with my DZR Link Charcoal looking like this:

After only 8 months or so, I needed to use tape to make sure my foot did not blow out the front. The vegan glue of the Link Charcoal didn’t hold the sole onto the shoe body, just like Aaron’s vegan DZR Mamba X. Then in the Spring another tragedy struck when my Chrome Midway Pro shoes broke on me during a training ride:

Bummer after bummer in the rad looking shoes department lead me to the DZR Link Lime shoes. I was a bit skeptical after the glue on my Charcoals turned my shoe into a foot puppet but I was ready to give the Link Lime a go since they didn’t have the vegan glue. Here’s a fresh pick when I got them in early April:

Recently DZR released the Marco, which unfortunately does not come in female friendly sizes (although a champ on the inside assures me that we can expect smaller sizes this spring). In the mean time, the DZR shoe that can be considered their bike polo shoe for women, is their Link Lime (LL). After over 9 months of playing on the LLs, they are looking and feeling way better than the Charcoals, and the following is a quick review of things that I find important in a polo shoe:

Unlike the Charcoal, the LLs glue has hung in there pretty fantastically, particularly where the sole meets the material of the shoe around the toe. I have actually had no glue issues with this shoe aside from the area around cleat, which as of yet has had no affect on my riding or playing. So far it has been pretty durable as a shoe; I’m not worried about it coming apart under my feet while I’m playing polo. The only real issue I’ve had is with the material on top of the shoe where the grey leather has started breaking off, which only really affects the aesthetic look of the shoe and not the shoe performance.

Handle the Elements:
After one rain, my Charcoals started deteriorating in a bad way particularly around the air vent holes on the top of the shoe, which was due to the synthetic vegan material they used for that shoe. The LLs are leather with suede lining, which has held up better in the elements, but I also live in the Bay Area where it seldom rains so maybe I’m not an expert with this.  

Polo Friendly:
What I’m looking for in a polo is a high quality shoe that can handle my  plentiful falls and general getting rad when necessary. These shoes have been great for this so far. The extra padding on the sides helps to protect my ankles for the most part, but we all know that there is no real protection against shots from Jake Langdon now is there?

As most cycling shoes aren’t super comfortable to stand around in, I am usually looking for shoes that are comfortably off the court as well, and the LLs certainly are. At first, they were a bit snug but with after a couple wears, the LLs fit perfectly. They stay tight around your foot while giving you plenty of room for your toesies.


Here are what some other polo ladies are saying about the Link Limes:

Oleha Riden – “The Links were on my wishlist for awhile. Even though I purchased some snazy leather DZR Kowloons to bomb around the city in style, I was still longing for something more durable that I could use for polo. Thanks to Shelley not fitting in size 37, I got to capitalize on her mis-fortune and snag a pair early on last season. Overall the shoes were a win for me! The ankle support, Velcro strap to cinch laces in place, and thicker sole contributed to comfortable performance on my bike, especially when I was still learning how to function “clipped in”. My only quality critic would be the laces; they sort of disintegrated within a few months, and as much as I liked to think I have crazy arm muscle strength, I think it was more poor quality of the laces. My easy fix was just to swap a pair of laces from some Nike skate shoes that I had lying around.”

Jillian Browy’s review can be found here:

To try out a pair for yourself, head over to DZR’s Link Lime page!

Party On Wayne.

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Praise Thee Almighty Bike Polo

January 8, 2014


I’m sure for most of the Poloverse, the name Pinch Flat Press means little to nothing, so let me do a little introduction for you. Pinch Flat Press is a screen printing company ran by polo players from Missoula, Montana; Jeremy Haas and Shannon Rose to be exact. With five years of hard labor put into professional screen printing, the two know how to make quality products. Just like all bike polo players, the sport never leaves their mind (especially while at work). For that reason, Pinch Flat Press used their skills to start The Great Bike Polo Revival.

This moniker has been plastered all over stickers and beer koozies for the past couple years so there is a good chance that you’ve seen some of them at a tournament. Looking to take The Great Bike Polo Revival a little more seriously, Pinch Flat Press added this amazing shirt, featuring their dog (and new mascot) Horace as a Pentecostal Holiness Church snake handler, to their brand (If you don’t know anything about this religious ritual, I recommend looking it up. Shit is crazy!).  Not only is this hand-drawn front design amazing, but the quote at the bottom is bone chilling: “Kiss the Snake, Drop the Hammer”. On top of all of this, the sleeve of the shirt has a hand-drawn print of an upside-down cross made of mallets and it reads “Praise Polo”. This shirt has so much awesomeness that it may explode off of your chest!

If you want to pick one of these bombs up, all you have to do is head over to the Pinch Flat Press Etsy page. Jeremy and Shannon are also throwing in a free Pinch Flat Press koozie for the first six order! Order soon and be sure to follow them on FACEBOOK, as Jeremy and Shannon promise growth from The Great Bike Polo Revival in 2014.

Also, if you’re looking to get some team shirts for this coming year, hit up Pinch Flat Press! Support bike polo by keeping your money in bike polo!