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Cage Rotor Guard

January 5, 2015
cage rotor guard

We love seeing new hardcourt bike polo products pop up in various places in the world. The most recent product to come to our attention is this brand new rotor guard called the Cage. Forged in Hungary, these things look as magical as Harry Houdini. You can find more information on the Cage over on their Facebook Page!

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2015 Bike Polo Calendar

December 29, 2014
bike polo calendar

Last summer the slaydies of The Trixies hardcourt bike polo team put together this bike polo player calendar with funds going to promote the expansion of women in bike polo. The extras were picked up by Heckler’s Alley so that players world wide could pick up one of these amazing bike polo calendars. So with 2015 only a few days away, follow this link HERE to pick one up!


Attaquer Carbon Bike Polo Shaft

December 28, 2014
attaquer carbon mallet shaft

Last week we showed you some images of a brand new carbon fiber hardcourt bike polo shaft coming out of Taiwan and now the Attaquer is available to the public! To pick one up, head over to the Attaquer Facebook Page and shoot them a message. You can also contact Attaquer via email using Pick some up, I’d love to see how these things hold up on the court.


Taiwan’s Carbon Bike Polo Shaft

December 18, 2014
attaquer carbon shaft

This week the T. C. C. Bike Polo club out of Taichung, Taiwan released some preview pictures of a carbon fiber hardcourt bike polo shaft that will soon be on the market. The Attaquer, which is what the shaft is called, has no official release date according to the preview, but we will keep you updated on anything we hear.

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