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Warm Your Head With Magic!

December 12, 2013


Beanie, bobble hat, stocking hat, toque; whatever you want to call them, Magic Bike Polo has them in stock! Tightly knitted with their logo, you can get these warm winter hats in either pink poof ball or green poof ball form. Whichever you choose, this is going to be the perfect hat to keep your head warm if you’re looking to play polo during this countrywide freeze. This past weekend Portland hit record lows, so I know I’ll be picking one up; no more brain freezes for me! If you’re interested in getting one yourself, head on over to the Magic Bike Polo Website and have the crew send one your way. For only£10.00 you can keep your noggin warm and support your polo family so grab one!


DZR Talks the Marco

December 5, 2013

If you didn’t get enough of Brian Dillman’s pretty face going around yesterday, we have some more of him for you today! As DZR’s hardcourt representative, Dillman gives us some insight into their new bike polo specific shoe, the Marco (not to be confused with the Rustbelt’s bike polo specific frame of the same name). With the shoe due out tomorrow at 12pm PST, he wanted to tell us about the aspects of the shoe that are going to make it the best clipless shoe for our sport (just ask anyone on the Guardians or the Beavers). So before buying a pair, check out the video!


Hija de la Coneja 2014 Preview

November 26, 2013


Yesterday Hija de la Coneja released a preview of their 2014 line of bike polo frames, and they are looking gorgeous. While the 2014 Hija de la Conejas kept their trademark wishbone seat stay, they did add a couple new features to ensure that we will all see more of these frames on courts around the world. Firstly, they added an XL frame! Their frame sizes tend to run smaller than other polo bikes (I normally ride a medium and I would ride a large Coneja) so by adding an XL you can grab the demographic of bike polo players over six foot tall. On top of this, they also dropped some extra bucks on heat treating each frame. They wanted to insure that dents and dings would stay off of their frames so that you could enjoy your Hija de la Coneja for years to come.

If you’re looking for a new polo bike for the 2014 season, why not hit up our friends from Barcelona, Spain and pick up a Hija de la Coneja. At $500 for a shipped frameset, that’s hard to pass up!  Here are some additional pictures to help convince you:




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Riding in Circles 2014 Sneak Peek

November 7, 2013

I was first exposed to Riding in Circles polo bikes in Geneva at the 2012 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. I instantly fell in love with the compact design and super clean welds of this Italian polo frame. Sadly enough, we don’t see too many Riding in Circles bikes in North America, so in the year following Geneva, the Riding in Circles frame slowly faded from my bike porn spank bank. That was until I arrived in Florida for the 2013 WHBPC and saw two-thirds of Call Me Daddy riding the sleek bikes that once filled my dreams. Upon coming home from Worlds, I did some perusing of the Riding in Circles Facebook page and  discovered that they released a teaser video for their 2014 polo bike. If the bike is going to be half as cool as this video, then the poloverse is in for a real treat!

Check out the teaser video here:


Channel your inner Warlock

October 30, 2013

1375779_10101803168437950_973171664_n (1)
Down in Florida at the 2013 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, Magic Bike Polo debuted their new tournament head. Just like the other themed named heads, this new one is appropriately named Warlock. Weighing in at 90 grams, Warlock is looking to conjure spells on the court that allow players to hit harder, scoop easier, and win more games. While this may be heavier than other “tournament” heads on the market, that shouldn’t turn you away from giving this head a try! Unlike other tournament heads, the Warlock has an outer diameter of 2.6 inches. In a game where heavy accurate shots can be the final deciding factor between two teams, it’s important to have more surface area on the head to contact with the ball.

Magic Bike Polo sold out of these heads at Worlds, and I’m sure for good reason. But no worries, the Warlock is back in stock and ready for you to build up. Head on over to the Magic Bike Polo website to pick one or two or three up!

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