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Fixcamp II: Dates and Location

August 7, 2016

Last week Fixcraft announced the second installment of their beloved bike polo bootcamp! Fixcamp II will take place in Aurora, Colorado from October 21st to the 23rd. Registration for this event is open to players of all skill levels and only costs $75. This includes registration fee, t-shirt, 4 meals, and a camp spot at a near by campsite. Follow this link HERE to sign up. Hurry, spots will fill up quick!

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Culture, Tournaments

Bike Polo Calendar is Coming Soon!

July 20, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.14.04 PM

Thanks to the AMAZING Jennifer Kutzlab of Davis Bike Polo, we will soon have an easy to use Bike Polo Calendar! Launching on August 22nd, anyone will be able to submit bike polo events with links and photos. Find out more of what Jennifer has in the works (and book mark the page for future use) HERE! Oh yeah, and donate to help her get this thing rolling!


Intercontinental Squad Championship Info

June 9, 2016
squad championship

Did you know that the Bordeaux Bike Polo is hosting an Intercontinental Squad Championship in September? Yeah we didn’t either! The news doesn’t seem to have traveled to this side of the world, but with registration closing next week, we figured we would try to get a North American team to go.

I just looked up tickets from PDX to Paris and they are only $700, so not too bad! I would love to see a NA squad make it out. If you have the cash and are looking to make the trip, here is the info on the dope hardcourt bike polo tournament:

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Follow Ladies Army 8

June 2, 2016

Ladies Army 8 is upon us! If you’re like me, you couldn’t afford to make the amazing trip down to Guadalajara, Mexico to witness (and possibly participate in) the action live in person. Thanks to the amazing Guadalajara Bike Polo club, all of us losers stuck at home can watch LIVE from our living rooms/places of work/etc, and feel like we are part of the slaying.

You can watch the action all weekend HERE.

You can watch the results of Ladies Army 8 unfold HERE (Go Peligrosa!) and the CO-ED on Sunday HERE (Go Entrega Especial!).


Sons of Pavel Goes Experimental

May 11, 2016
SOP2 facebook

Hardcourt Bike Polo is still a teenager. It’s awkward and it’s figuring itself out. We’ve experimented with 3v3, bench, 5v5, and a couple times with 4v4, and since it is so young, we are able to figure out what is best for the sport’s growth and its payers. Because of this, I love when clubs host experimental touranments, such as Prague Bike Polo’s Sons of Pavel 4v4 no goalie tournament. The organizer of this tournament, Dany Majard, sent us some info on the format the tournament itself. Read on and see what Dany has to say, and then maybe sign up for the tournament (if you’re in Europe) or plan to host a 4v4 tournament in your home town:

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