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Help Ref the 2014 NAHBPC

June 16, 2014
bike polo referee

bike polo referee

The NAH needs your help! With the 2014 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship just around the corner, they are looking for willing participants to sign up to referee during the tournament. Not only will you be walking away from this experience with a free t-shirt thanks to Fixcraft, you will GET PAID for your hard work. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! You will get paid to ref the tournament.

This is the year that you stop being that guy who always yells at the referee and actually puts yourself in their shoes. So sign up, do your part, and help out! Without volunteers these tournaments can’t happen for any of us, so please help out! The poloverse thanks you in advance for your hard work and apologizes for getting angry at you while on the court.

Follow this link to sign up: Sign-up to Officiate/Referee North Americans.

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2014 Cascadia Qualifier Highlights

June 11, 2014
Jagwolves Media

As much as I love watching game footage to learn new skills and hone some defensive techniques against some of the best players in the world, nothing excites me more than some excellent tournament highlight footage. Even more so when I get to catch a glimpse of myself or my team. Which was exactly the case in Scooter Sackerson/Jagwolves Media’s new highlight reel from the 2014 Cascadia Qualifier. (Go Prospectors!)

The video shows off some of the amazing thrills and spills that made up the toughest qualifier that I’ve ever played in. Check it out:


Ladies Army 6 Co-Ed Bench Teams

June 11, 2014
Ladies Army 6

Ladies Army 6

In the years past, Ladies Army has typically been paired with a single day Co-Ed tournament on the preceding day. This was done to help encourage men to come support the ladies in their biggest tournament of the year. This year, the Toronto organizers decided to do things a little differently.

Instead of a Co-Ed 3 on 3 tournament, Ladies Army will be coupled with a Co-Ed bench tournament. The tournament will consist of 12 teams of 9 or 10 players (including each team’s GM). This years GM’s are:

  • Jessi Connors
  • Luke Sheldrick
  • Adam Say
  • Sean McCormack
  • Jacki Rust
  • Kayla Story
  • John Hayes
  • Brandon Carter
  • Kiki Knox
  • Rob Biddle
  • Rob Glatfelter
  • Oleha Riden

You can find the GM’s teams by following this link HERE. Something to note about the team list is that the GM’s were told to pick men for the first two rounds only, and then women from then on out. I just wanted to point this out so no one gets the wrong idea.

Anyway, I’m no expert but I think Adam Say’s team is looking pretty strong! What do you think?

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World Politics Hits Close To Our Polo Homes

June 9, 2014
Ukrainian Bike Polo

Ukrainian Bike Polo

If you follow world news at all, then you know about the conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go watch these episodes of Vice News). For most of the polo community, this conflict is just something that we hear about on NPR or read about while browsing our favorite online news source. Most of the time, I would imagine, we read the headline or first couple lines, see that the conflict is still happening and then move on to the next article/story. Something so far away seems to have no real affect on our day to day lives so it has a hard time setting in emotionally. Unfortunately for some parts of the poloverse, tuning out the conflict is a lot more difficult.

As most of you probably do not know, the country of Ukraine has four bike polo clubs — Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Kryvyi Rih –with ten, ten, seven, and three players in each club, respectively. While these 30 Ukrainian players have been able to keep themselves far away from any physical backlash of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict, they still find themselves afflicted by the unfortunate situation. More specifically, Ukraine will not be able to send any teams to the 2014 European Hardcourt Bike Polo Champion in Padova because of how the conflict has destroyed the hryvnia (the Ukrainian currency). Dmytro Zhukovsky of Kyiv Bike Polo shed a little more light on this:

“…In February 1 USD cost close to 8 Hryvnias and 1 Euro close to 11. After the start of the Russian campaign in Crimea, and then in Eastern Ukraine, the Hryvnia fell to 12 for 1 USD and 17 for 1 Euro. This means that salaries lost their values in the same proportion. For example – in February, the Schengen Visa had a price of 385 Hryvnias (35 Euros) and now it’s 595 Hryvnias.”

Not only did the value of the hryvnia plummet, but the workers were essentially working for less money because of the price of imported goods skyrocketed at the same time. This left the Ukrainian polo players unable to afford the cost of traveling the 1200 miles to Padova to compete.

As mentioned above, outside of the plummeting currency, Ukrainian bike polo hasn’t seen much other backlash from the conflict. Dmytro Zhukovsky shared more about this:

“Maybe the only other consequence, which was made by this situation, is that we decided not to invite Russian teams to our tournament and not to go to Russia for polo this year. I think it’s maybe the best option because of the current position. I understand that sports and politics have to be separated, and I understand that not all Russians (and not all Russian polo player) support Putin’s politic, but the tension is still too high. On the other hand, we’re now excited to move our asses toward the West!”

It’s was great hearing such a positive attitude coming from someone so close to an unfortunate situation. Despite the Ukrainian/Russian conflict, Dmytro Zhukovsky has high hopes for the future of Ukrainian bike polo. The country we be host to two tournaments in the next couple months (the first in Lviv on June 28th – 29th and the second in Kyiv on July 26th), and Dmytro encourages everyone to come see how Urkainian bike polo has grown since there DFL finish at the 2013 EHBPC.

“We’re trying to involve as many participants from foreign countries as possible, but we’re not going to get any profit from our war with Russia. It’s real shit. …I hope that some people who remember us from the last Euro will visit Kyiv this July. …We’ve already booked a good place for a court and another one for the after party. We’ll try to do our best with the tournament. Also, Kyiv is an interesting city simply to see!”

I encourage as many European clubs as possible to attend these tournaments! We should show our polo brothers and sisters that they matter to us, and that politics-be-damned, we will support them and their tournaments. We should show them how much they will be missed at Euros and Worlds this year.

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2014 NS & GL Qualified Teams

June 8, 2014
triple deke NSQ2014

Following Great Lakes and Northsides this weekend on Podium has gotten me so excited! Knowing that the final two qualifiers of the year are finally over and soon I will be seeing all of my North American bike polo friends in one place puts the biggest smile on my face. So many hugs, so so so many hugs.

This excitement alone has driven me to make these updates after each qualifier. And with this excitement, here are friends from Northsides and Great Lakes that you will be seeing in Minneapolis:

Northside Qualified teams:
triple deke NSQ2014










  1. Triple Deke (Kevin, Shane, Ngaihon TO)
  2. Journeymen (Allan, Robbie OTT, Nick TO)
  3. Polosophes (Paul, Franck, Olivier MTL)
  4. Significant Budzies (John, Nick, Eric TO)
  5. Valley Boys (Luke, Seamus, Brodie OTT)

You can see the full results from the tournament HERE.

Great Lakes Qualified teams:
brigands glq2014










  1. Brigands (Adam ARB, Sam MPLS, Julien MTP)
  2. Milwaukee, Eh? (Matt, shaggy, Jordan MKE)
  3. Waterwolves (Zack, Tom, Ben MKE)
  4. 85 Bears (Chris, Megan, Goldmiller CHI)

You can see full results from the tournament HERE.

A huge thank you to John Hayes and Jenny Scott for the photos!  See you all at the Oval!