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Dominion Cup Final

November 30, 2016
dominion cup

This year, in the wake of a World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, the European Hardcourt Bike Polo Association decided to try a new kind of championship. The EHPA dropped country qualifies and the typical 3v3 championship, and opted for a 5v5 squad championship known as the Dominion Cup. Below you can find a video for the final at the first Dominion Cup, between The Dream and Impossiboys. Check it out:


Amazing Ladies Army 8 Video

October 19, 2016

Yesterday we said that 2016 has been the bee knees in terms of great bike polo tournament footage, and then BOOM we get one of the best hardcourt bike polo tournament videos that we’ve ever seen. It’s unique, well edited, and really shows the importance of not only Ladies Army, but bike polo family as a whole. Watch, enjoy, and share!

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Equinox Six Highlight Reel

October 18, 2016

2016 has given us some killer tournament highlight videos, and as the season winds down, we are happy to add one more to the list! In September Columbus Bike Polo hosted the sixth installment of their Equinox tournament, and yesterday they put up this really dope video. Enjoy!

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Canadian Open Bike Polo Championship Video

August 22, 2016

Andrea Paperplane of Saskatoon Bike Polo and Gibson Green of Beehive Bike Polo teamed up to create this really great edit from the Canadian Open Bike Polo Championship. This bench tournament was held on August 13th and 14th in Saskatoon, Canada. Enjoy the footage! Continue Reading…


Wasatch Open Highlight Footage

May 9, 2016
wasatch open bike polo tournament

In Salt Lake City the hardcourt bike polo club is known as the Beehive Bike Polo club. Last month, Beehive Bike Polo hosted the Wasatch Open. The tournament drew 15 teams from all over the west as it raised funds for its youth bike polo program. To commemorate the Wasatch Open, Beehive Bike Polo made this fun highlight reel. Something to note about this video is that they shot it in 6K. Enjoy!

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