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Seattle Bike Polo In The News

June 13, 2014
seattle bike polo king 5 news

With Jagwolves Media building a huge name for themselves in the bike polo video world, I feel like all of the videos that I post these days are coming from Seattle, and this one follows suit! Unlike yesterdays post, this video comes from a local news station out of Seattle called King 5. It highlights the sport the we all love so much, while showing off some of the Seattle Bike Polo flavor.

Check out The Assassins face-off against The Guardians (minus Cody and plus J.T.) for Seattleites watching the evening news. Enjoy!

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2014 Cascadia Qualifier Highlights

June 11, 2014
Jagwolves Media

As much as I love watching game footage to learn new skills and hone some defensive techniques against some of the best players in the world, nothing excites me more than some excellent tournament highlight footage. Even more so when I get to catch a glimpse of myself or my team. Which was exactly the case in Scooter Sackerson/Jagwolves Media’s new highlight reel from the 2014 Cascadia Qualifier. (Go Prospectors!)

The video shows off some of the amazing thrills and spills that made up the toughest qualifier that I’ve ever played in. Check it out:

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Louis CK visits NYC Bike Polo

May 14, 2014

bike polo louis


Bike Polo made it’s way to prime time TV again! A few years back the CSI: NY film crew visited New York Bike Polo (check that footage out HERE) and now Louis CK did a little bike polo filming for his amazing show Louie. Thank you New York Bike Polo for getting this sport on the boob-tube!

You can watch the short clip here thanks to The Means:

To watch the full episode, follow this link HERE! This link may not work in all countries. To find the episode yourself, look up Louis Season 4 Episode 3 on your favorite TV show streaming website.


Bike Polo Hits Bucharest

February 28, 2014
bucharest bike polo

For a final-day-of-the-work-week treat, we have a great little edit from Bucharest, Romania. I love hearing about new clubs popping up in cities all over the world, especially when they show us what it’s like to play where they live. Enjoy Bucharest and enjoy the video!



2013 Highlight Footage

January 20, 2014

Congratulations for either 1) spending your weekend doing more important things than being on the internet, or 2) crawling out from under the rock you’ve been living under. I can only assume that you fall into one of these categories because if you haven’t seen these two videos by now, then they must be true. These videos have been blowing up my Facebook news feed all weekend. Share after share after share of two great 2013 highlight videos featuring some of the most amazing talent in hardcourt today.

First, we have the legendary Mr. Do using footage from the 2013 NAHBPC to create a bike polo promotional video. Presumably, this film will be used to seek sponsors for all of the NAH qualifying tournaments, but I think it’ll be great to use by any tournament organizer looking to get financial backing. I also want to note that I make four appearances in this video (that’s only two away from Mr. Do’s man crush, Koyo). Enjoy this great video and be sure to utilize it this season!

**NOTE: For some reason this video is Private on Vimeo, so I can’t post it on the site, so here is the LINK!

The other video that you missed out on this weekend came from Blunt Films, the brain child of former Dead Rappers member Brendan McNamee. This video, entitled 5TIX, turns bike polo footage into a feature. The amazing production draws you in and then the special effects leave you craving more. While Blunt Films isn’t as much of a polo-household name as Mr. Do (mostly because it’s not purely a bike polo video company, it’s Brendan’s day job), we have seen Brendan post some amazing polo related videos in the past (Chunk Clothing, Hell’s Belles, Luca Semeraro) and this video lives up to and exceeds our expectations. Enjoy this amazing film!