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Flat Is Rad Tournament Footage

May 5, 2015
flat is rad

UPDATE: We just added the second half of the tournament! 

If you ever wondered what modern hardcourt bike polo would look like if everyone went back to playing on flat pedals, then we have video just for you. As I’m sure most of you know, a couple weeks ago Lyon Bike Polo hosted the first Flat Is Rad bike polo tournament. Some people feel that clipless pedals cause this boring stop and go modern hardcourt bike polo that we see at tournaments, so they feel that flat pedals will encourage constant flow. Watch the first 30 minutes of the Flat Is Rad tournament and judge for yourself:
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Finnish Nationals Teaser Videos

April 28, 2015

This year the hardcourt bike polo Finnish nationals are taking play in the city of Oulu, thanks to the Oulu Bike Polo club. To get the country (and even the rest of the world) stoked for their tournament, the Oulu Bike Polo club put together some teaser promotional video. These are seriously two of the best promotional/teaser videos that I’ve ever seen for the sport. They perfectly sum up the obsession that is hardcourt bike polo. You can find the two videos here:

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