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The Amazing Beavers

October 24, 2013


What do you get when you mix bike polo, the teamwork of 1992 Dream Team, the shooting accuracy of an early 2000s Tiger Woods, and the synchronicity of migrating Canadian geese? You get Joey Halvorsen, Eric Kremin, and Brian Dillman in the manifestation known as The Beavers. After watching them nearly flawlessly dominate the North Americans, I knew that at the end of the WHBPC2013, that this would be the Year of the Beaver.

Check out this great highlight reel that Mr. Do threw together of our 2013 World Champions.

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New and Improved Mr. Do

October 8, 2013


Mr. Do has made it easier for us to obsess over his videos. No longer do we have to Google search “Mr. Do Vimeo” and then be forced to fumble around on the ever failing Vimeo website. Thanks to Do, all we have to do is hit up his new website for all of our favorite Do productions. The new site can be found simply at

Along with the new site and logo, Mr. Do promises us more. He says we can expect video updates WEEKLY! No more randomly updating his website in his free time. He is doing us a huge service and bringing us content on the regular. Everyone should shoot Do a ‘thank you’ message or email for his hardwork.

Also new to the site is a weekly polo segment called “Morning With Machine.” According to the website, “it is the definitive show about the players of Hardcourt Bike Polo; those who have made the sport and community what they are today.” The first webisode was put online today and features The Beavers.

Head over to the site, bookmark it on your browser and then get lost in the greatness that is Mr. Do Video.


Friday Video Frenzy!

September 13, 2013

Two great videos came our way yesterday and we feel that sharing them both will allow you to get through the last work day of the week a little easier. We have roughly 12 minutes of bike polo footage that you can use as a little break from stress or to distract you from the last TPS report of the day.

First up is a short film by Ben from Memphis of the 2012 South In Yo Mouth. Hosted by the Memphis Bike Polo Club, South In Yo Mouth was a fun one day tournament held in the parking lot of a football stadium. Check out all the fun and see if you can spot anyone from 3-2-1 Polo!

Next is a great little highlight video of the 2013 French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. Put together by Marine Lafite, this video shows some of the amazing shots and hard crashes that made the French Championship memorable. Non-European players can use this footage to get some insight into the top French teams heading to Florida next month.

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NAHBPC 2013 Footage

August 28, 2013

j4NOAg on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Thanks to Mr. Do and Samuel Arechiga we can feel like we never have to leave the NAHBPC mindset. We can sit in front of our computers and pretend like we are still surround by 10,000 lakes and take end the bike polo footage as it continues to roll in.

It started with Mr. Do’s GIF of Koyo snipping that youngster, and was followed by this hilarious GIF of Ace getting hit in his face by his own teammate. Mr. Do didn’t stop there either; as of right now he already has three full game videos online. Not sure why he chose the games he did but they are there and they are a blast to watch! Here are the three videos up so far, and be sure to check Mr. Do’s VIMEO for more action soon!

As mentioned above, Mr. Do isn’t the only one releasing some great NAHBPC footage. Samuel Arechiga from the SOON Media Group put together this fun highlight reel of some of the games from Saturday’s Swiss Rounds. This video is only two minutes long so be sure to give it a few watches so Samuel can see that we appreciate him putting this together!


Bike Polo Hails the Chief

July 19, 2013
Brett Edmonds

A bit of important information for videographers out there, it’s never to late to post polo footage. Here it is almost a year and half later and a fun highlight video from the 2012 Presidents Day Polo Social just now surfaced. It’s always great to have a chance to watch a video of yourself, no matter how embarrassing you find your performance. Keep it up bike polo videographers, you’re doing a great service for the sport!

The Presidents Day Polo Social was held in San Antonio, Texas on February 18 and 19. This tournament brought together some of the best teams from the South Central region and beyond, to enjoy the mild February weather. Imagine if more parts of the country had beautiful weather like this in February?

To check out some awesome photos from the tournament, go to Brett Edmonds’ Flickr.