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European Championship Final Flick

July 3, 2013

992902_10151668830824454_1228849984_nPhoto courtesy of Adam Pawlowski

Footage of the 2013 European Championship final surfaced today. In it you can see Call Me Daddy¬†(Greg, William PARIS, Paul TOU) play Edisons (Piks GVA, David FRA, Eddy MUN) for the crown. The video is a little hard to watch due to the camera facing the sun and the videographer’s inability to zoom, but listening to Europeans chant makes you not want to stop watching.

Quick discussion point, is the hit at 11:16 clean or dirty?


Southern Fried Polo Footage

June 27, 2013

992985_10200133724127156_361604807_nPhoto courtesy of Hansley Photos.

Thanks to Adam Hite, the man with the best Southern drawl in bike polo, footage from the final two games at the Southeast regional qualifier is now up for your viewing pleasure. Albeit a tad shaky, the video highlights the talent that is boiling up in America’s South. We posted the results last week, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the action. All sports learn about their competition through game footage, so here’s your chance to spy on some great teams headed to the North American Championship.

Here is the first tournament final:

And here is the second tournament final:


Tournaments, Video

Bench Minor IV Final Video

June 11, 2013

5925_10151602905848346_1411003377_nPhoto courtesy of League of Bike Polo

Somehow we missed this before today, but apparently the final game of Bench Minor IV is already online. Those bike polo folks over in Los Angeles do not waste any time pumping out their videos! In fact, it was posted only three days after the tournament! That club was so on top of things for that tournament; we are beyond impressed.

The Bench Minor IV final was a hard fought game between Global United (coached by Eric Kremin of Beaver Boys fame) and The Moroders (coached by Eric Crandall of Portland United fame). After the two halves, Global United escaped as the winner with an 11 to 8 victory.

The championship game video was split up into four smaller videos; I assume this is because it allowed for easier uploading to YouTube. You can find all of the videos here:



Bike Breakdown Challenge

May 23, 2013


While going to bike polo tournaments, one will see many smaller competitions to pass the time. Most of the time you’ll find players knife fighting, rolling dice, or betting on the first player to foot down/score a goal in a game. We came across a brand new competition that took place while packing up after Ladies Army 5.

The Australian based bike polo blog GOALHOLE filmed (and knowing the Aussies, probably instigated) a polo bike breakdown competition. This specific challenge was between Brain Dillman of Beaver Boys and DZR fame, and the notorious man known simply as Machine.

Check out the video below to find out who won the competition:

Tournaments, Video

Sign Up For Euro Bench!

May 17, 2013


Thanks to John Hayes of Magic Bike Polo, Europe finally has their answer to North America’s Bench Minor. The tournament, simply called Euro Bench, will see it’s first installment this year in Bristol, England. Taking place on July 20th and 21st, Euro Bench with bring together the best place players from all over Europe, and hopefully a few from the rest of the world as well.

There will be eight teams consisting of eight players on each team, included the team captain. The team captains for the first annual Euro Bench are:

Lefty Will (Paris, France)
Quentin (Geneva, Switzerland)
Jono (London, UK)
Polo (Toulouse, France)
Alejandro (Barcelona, Spain)
Rupert (London, UK)
Woods (Rouen, France)
Chan (Manchester, UK)

John Hayes had a very creative way for determining the draft order for these captains. You can find the video of this at the bottom of the page.

For a chance to be drafted onto a team, you must fill out this form HERE by Monday the 20th of May at Midnight BST. You can find a list of all registered players HERE! The draft will be held Wednesday, May 22nd at 9pm BST. Good luck to all potential players!