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WHBPC VIII Wildcard Matchmaker

November 13, 2015
whbpc viii

Any singles looking for a couple others to go to with them to the big dance? Timaru Bike Polo is making it easy to match up single players looking to play in the wildcard at the 8th annual Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. All you have to do is put your info on this GOOGLE DOC and then let the match making happen. So don’t let the lack of a team prevent you from going on the best hardcourt bike polo vacation of your life.


Perro del Mallet Bike Polo Rims

November 12, 2015
bike polo rim

Apparently back in August Perro del Mallet released a hardcourt bike polo rim! This completely slipped under our radar, and we are sorry about that. We would have loved to share with you sooner these rims that come in at ONLY 20€ each. You’re probably having a hard time wrapping your brain around it, but yes, they are only 20€ each! To pick up a set in either 26″ or 700c for yourself, head over to the Perro del Mallet Facebook page and shoot them a message!


FHBPC 2015 Highlight Reel

November 12, 2015

This short but sweet highlight video from the 2015 French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship came to us yesterday from La Rochelle Bike Polo. This is the tournament where the up and coming Birds defeated the legends of Call Me Daddy, and I’m glad to see some of the hot footage from their face off. Enjoy!

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Indy Bike Polo in the News

November 5, 2015
indy bike polo

At this point we’ve seen a million different local news stories on hardcourt bike polo clubs, but honestly I’m still stoked on every single one of them! And honestly, this is one of the better club highlights that I’ve seen. Beyond that, kudos to WTHR 13 for the production on this feature. They put a lot more into this segment that most local new stations. Anyway, find the segment on the development of Indianapolis Bike Polo below:

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The Rawbie Boardz Show Presents: HON of the DEAD

October 29, 2015
rawbie boardz show

HEEEEE’S BAAAAACK! People have been asking for it, and the brilliant minds in East Van Bike Polo have delivered. The Rawbie Boardz show is back and better than ever with this Halloween special entitled HON of the DEAD. This fun video isn’t like The Rawbie Boardz Show episodes of the past, so for all you naysayers, give this video a chance before you dis it! Enjoy all you ghouls and goblins, this is definitely a Halloween treat:

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