Ladies Army 3 Final Game Video

June 1, 2015

With only three days until Ladies Army 7, we thought we would take a walk with you down memory lane. Let’s go back to Austin, Texas in the year 2011 and watch the final at Ladies Army 3. Here we will witness the Cunning Stunts (Cherri, Maija, Birdie) take on The Clap (McKenzie, Shannon, Kiersten) in the championship match. Enjoy!

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Ladies Army 7 Predictions

May 31, 2015
ladies army

The line up at Ladies Army 7 in San Francisco is pretty staggering. There are numerous teams that I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley late at night, or on a bike polo court anytime of day. It was hard to narrow it down to just my top three, but here is my best guess. P.S. Good luck to everyone fighting for the gold!

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Buy Pussy Punch Merch!

May 25, 2015
pussy punch

If you’re unfamiliar, Pussy Punch is a slayer bike polo team made up of Kayla Story ATX, Bobbi Rogers ATX, and Kirsten White TO. To help fund their trip to San Francisco to destroy Ladies Army 7, Pussy Punch are selling some dope tank tops. They come in the heather grey that you see above, as well as a teal. If you’re interested in helping these three make it to the tournament, hit up Kayla Story HERE to get a tank top for yourself!