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Girl Crush Vol. 3: LA6 Edition

June 18, 2014

Ladies Army 666 Team Special Edition!

Ladies Army 666 is this weekend! I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the teams I am looking forward to watching play this year. So get your girl crush score cards ladies and gents, and let’s see who makes it into my top four teams!!!

Let’s start with last year’s winners, the Valkyries!
Valkyries bike polo

Comprised of three powerhouse ladies: Shannon of East Van, Quinn of Lexington, and Elena from Geneva. It is amazing to watch three women who almost never play together, mesh so well on the court; in fact it is damn near frustrating. They stay focused and keep excellent positions on the court while waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Shannon is like a freaking brick wall in goal, Quinn has a brutal hard shot, and Elena is the female lefty Darth Vader of bike polo. I have to admit though, I would like to see Shannon out of goal a bit more as I think she is a very smart player. All three ladies play to their strengths and I look forward to seeing these ladies defend their title.

Next on my list of ladies I totally boner all over are Hot Honey Biscuits!
hot honey biscuits bike polo

I love watching these ladies play. Jessi (as previously discussed) is a top notch player and continually upping her game! Erica not only was the first female pick of the LA Bench Minor but proved herself to be a freaking badass at defense, for realsies! Tina has that over the handlebar backward shot that I have been working on mimicking to many a whiff all year long. Not only do these ladies have some of the best on court chemistry I have ever seen, but they will smile their way to stuffing a million goals down your throat. And you know what, you won’t even be upset about it. I was super bummed that my team didn’t get to play them last year because I loved watching them play.

The team I am really looking forward to seeing play at LA6 this year is the return of the Cunning Stunts!
cunning stunts bike polo

Last year was my first Ladies Army so I have yet to witness the live slaughtering that ensues when the Cunning Stunts are on the court. With their new teammate Heff (of Toronto) I know these ladies are going to leave a path of destroyed egos in their wake. Maija remains my first ever polo girl crush from the first polo tournament I ever went to in Melbourne. She doesn’t look intimidating at all, but holy hell will she check you right off your bike and out of her fucking way because nothing is getting between her and the goal. To top off their team of baddassery, we have Birdie. She plays hella smart and will be in your way and all over you if the ball is anywhere near you. When playing this team, I suggest a tight passing game because any mistake and they with ride all over you.

Last but certainly not least, Iluminaughti, which name I can’t really say without at least one giggle…ok two.
illuminaughti bike polo

I had the rad pleasure of playing with Johanna for the Ladies Bench tournament and kinda think she’s the bees knees. She just has a great presence on the court and is a total team player, even if she has a hard time playing with lefties. Tiff is an amazing ball handler and really good at figuring out the strengths of her teammates so she can take it to their advantage. Andrea from Saskatoon has been playing great this past year and I think she will be a great contributor to this team. All three players are excellent team players and I really hope they use this to their advantage and expect to see a lot of passing and patience when playing against them. They will find their way to the goal and they won’t rush it.

I better stop while I’m totally drooling over these freaking awesome ladies and get to my predictions for the top four. I think the final game will be between Cunning Stunts and Hot Honey Biscuits and it’s kinda hard to decide between the two but here you go:

  1. Cunning Stunts
  2. Hot Honey Biscuits
  3. Valkyries
  4. Illuminaughti

I can’t wait to play you ladies!  See you in Toronto.



The Means Have Socks?

June 17, 2014
the means socks king fixcraft

the means socks king fixcraft

My favorite thing about the bike polo team The Means, is that they are so much more than just a bike polo team. Over the past year and half, or so, The Means have turned what was just a bike polo team name into a brand. And oh have they branded themselves so well! You see The Means stickers blasting all over just about every city that has bike polo in it. And if you don’t see a sticker somewhere in that city, then chances are that there is a The Means hoodie or t-shirt on someones back in that town. These guys know how to be seen. If you follow them on Facebook or Instagram, then you know how much work they put into making sure their name is everywhere.

The latest endeavor that The Means have taken to expand their brand is some super dope athletic socks. The Means teamed up with their sponsor Fixcraft to release these knee high socks that come in both black with grey and purple with green. On top of that, the socks are made with 75% moisture wicking material so you know they will be perfect for the polo court. At only $14.99, why not support a team that is taking bike polo to the next level!



New Bike Polo Gloves Coming Soon

June 16, 2014
bike polo gloves fixcraft

bike polo gloves fixcraft

Thanks to Fixcraft, the glove that many of you have grown to know and love will soon become available in bigger sizes. Fixcraft took the standard Franklin STX Comp gloves and made them bigger and better. According to their Instagram post, the new gloves will contain a higher quality micro fiber palm for more durability and longer life. So get ready all you average sized hand polo players, these things are expected to be out this fall!

To stay up to date with more of Fixcraft’s sneak peeks, be sure to follow them on Instagram!


Help Ref the 2014 NAHBPC

June 16, 2014
bike polo referee

bike polo referee

The NAH needs your help! With the 2014 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship just around the corner, they are looking for willing participants to sign up to referee during the tournament. Not only will you be walking away from this experience with a free t-shirt thanks to Fixcraft, you will GET PAID for your hard work. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! You will get paid to ref the tournament.

This is the year that you stop being that guy who always yells at the referee and actually puts yourself in their shoes. So sign up, do your part, and help out! Without volunteers these tournaments can’t happen for any of us, so please help out! The poloverse thanks you in advance for your hard work and apologizes for getting angry at you while on the court.

Follow this link to sign up: Sign-up to Officiate/Referee North Americans.

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Seattle Bike Polo In The News

June 13, 2014
seattle bike polo king 5 news

With Jagwolves Media building a huge name for themselves in the bike polo video world, I feel like all of the videos that I post these days are coming from Seattle, and this one follows suit! Unlike yesterdays post, this video comes from a local news station out of Seattle called King 5. It highlights the sport the we all love so much, while showing off some of the Seattle Bike Polo flavor.

Check out The Assassins face-off against The Guardians (minus Cody and plus J.T.) for Seattleites watching the evening news. Enjoy!